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    Hissian (alien anatomy)

    Discussion in 'Research' started by takadote26, Feb 16, 2021.

    So in my story there are this alien species called the Hissians, which have the upper torso of humans and the lower halves (trunks) of common serpents (namely rat snakes and king-cobras, amongst other snakes)... Their civilisation is a Level Two civilisation in science fiction terms.

    I also have to figure out how their humanoid/serpentine body structures differs from humans

    So since these aliens are a (mostly) peaceful multicultural and matriachial society, I now have to figure out what the Hissians can (and can't) do, what their own society thrives on, and other matters... I also have to figure out their building structures and whether or not they can drive vehicles or boats... Also their diet (what they can and can't eat)

    Is there anything in their serpentine society that I haven't touched on?
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    Where cushions are comfy, and straps hold firm.
    Well snakes are fundamentally a skull attached to an extended vertebral column and ribs.
    So, it wouldn't be too far fetched to plant a humanoid torso on such a design. It would offer
    enough structure to support them from the ground, and go about their business, since
    the musculature of a snakes body is quite lean and powerful.

    I think you can kinda play around with where you want what to be
    in the body between the two parts. Though I don't think you will
    be able to do what Heinlein did with an insectiod species where the
    brain isn't in the head, but in the chest cavity, so decapitating the
    creature will only make them blind and unable to eat. Well you could,
    but IDK what the average person would think given the melding of
    your creature design.

    Well they won't be using pedals for anything since they don't have
    feet. Well I guess in my first novels universe they wouldn't be able
    to steal any of the war-frames from any of the three species in it. :p
    So, all of their tech would rely on two hands, meaning levers, buttons,
    and knobs for more sophisticated things. And hand tools. Though with
    the tail it would be a weaponized appendage, and by adding a few spikes,
    would make for a devastating war whip in melee.
    Vehicles would rely on hand manual throttle and breaking, since pedals
    are out, but totally doable (check out handicap cars with the setup for
    hand throttle/breaking).

    You could make them omnivores or carnivorous, given your mashup.
    Snakes are not known for eating plants, as far as I know.
    You have to take into account how much bigger they would be compared
    to a human in terms of length, considering their lower half would be about
    twice as long as the upper body to keep it balanced and upright. Potentially
    200-250 pounds for the smallest adult, but they could be longer and heavier
    than that depending on which strain is present by the diverse amount of
    varied DNA families in the mix. Females would be naturally larger than the
    males, if you follow the snake side of things, since it is true within what
    we know of snakes in general. Once you pick a side on that, you can't change
    it at random, otherwise it will play out badly for the story's consistency.

    As for buildings and such, you can be unconventional by using trees and columns
    in lew of stairs and ladders. Also they wouldn't probably be living in cold climate,
    but we don't know if they are warm or cold blooded, so it is tough to say what they
    would build and where. They could live underground for all we know, since there
    isn't enough info to go on.
    Hope this helps a smidgen, and good luck and happy writing. :superidea:
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    The current Hissian queen has at least over 20+ descendants all vying in line for the throne, by the way... There will naturally be a lot of palace competition, that's for sure! I was thinking that the Hissians usually have a lot of hatchlings (1-10) over the years, but the queen has many more hatchlings in a nest at a time, due to certain royal privileges...?
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    When you say the Hissians are a level two civilisation in Sci-Fi terms, I assume you mean they are a Type2 on the Kardashev Scale? Is this correct as it would tell you an awful lot about the Hissians already.

    Kardashev scale - Wikipedia

    We are roughly 0.7 on the scale. At 2.0 minimum the Hissians can control all the energy that is generated within their own planetary system. They would be able to control and use all the energy that is released from the local star. Look up Dyson spheres.

    So that tells you they can travel with ease in local space. They will be able to construct buildings and manipulate materials into resources from beyond their base planet.

    Hope this give you an idea…


    Ps. Serpentine society will have Snake Jazz obviously…

    Rick and Morty | Snake Jazz | Adult Swim UK - YouTube
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    In fiction, you can create anything you like. In reality, I believe in some universal rules that will apply to an alien life form. The nature of the atomic structure and biosystems means that brain size will be relevant to intelligent. It is unlikely that ants will ever become intelligent enough to build space ships. Another thing that needs to be considered is, human evolution has passed through a number of stages. Leaving the sea and onto land, up into the trees and back down again. This process has developed mobility and more important hands that allow us you use tools, weapons and materials. Eventually, an alien race may develop beyond a basic animal form, but not until it has to develop into something like a humanoid first. So, a snake-like creature will not be able to develop much beyond being a snake.
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    I don't understand your explanation, @More, but I will try and think a bit harder on my Hissians. The serpentine aliens have already mastered mechanical (and natural) telepathy as a functional society.
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    I was thinking that the Hissians also have some black fungus living within their bodies, but I've yet to decide if they formed a symbotic relationship with the fungus or not. Advantages and disadvantages to this symbiotic relationship with the fungus-creature?

    Ways I have envisioned this explanation are: Middle-class citizen (Akashic) attended an advanced biology lecture by a reowned Hissian anatomist (according to her own memories of the event itself), or just describing an event that is completely unrelated (that in some ways relate to the fungus itself), but those two seperate ideas didn't really click with me... Thoughts?
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