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    Hold me to it!

    Discussion in 'Progress Journals' started by TJtheWildChild, Jun 6, 2015.

    So, this really is the main reason I joined a community, to try and ensure that I actually get some work done on my book. A progress journal seems like a good thing to start in that case. I've been working on plotting for my book for about nine months now - just thinking up ideas and scribbling them in a notebook. I have a general idea of the plot of the book and a general idea of the main characters, but now I need to get serious.

    Earlier today I signed up for Camp Nanowrimo which starts in July. I had set a goal of 50,000 words for the month but then my best friend reminded me that she will be here for two of those weeks (and I think the sheer fact that she brought this up meant that she didn't want me spending much of those two weeks locked up in my room writing). With that knowledge, I've decided to lower my goal to 25,000.

    However, before I'm even ready for Camp Nanowrimo, I really do need a solid outline in place so that is what I intend to accomplish this month. I'm spending the next five days in Mammoth with my two girlies from college so I plan to take my notebook and do full character interviews on each of the five larger characters. Even though at this point I've run each other them through several scenarios in my mind, I want them fully fleshed out before I really tackle the outline. So....

    GOAL ONE: Complete full character interviews on each of my five main characters.
    DEADLINE: June 11th
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    Ralph's side of the island.
    NaNoWriMo is how I got my start.
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