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    Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by afinemess, Aug 9, 2009.

    I figured I'd post his here, since accordig to my doctor alot of writers suffer from this.
    I am in a splint, because I am the only human being alive who can injure themeself doing yoga. According to my doc, I have carpal tunnel, and the sprain I got doing a ridiculous balancing move caused it to flare up. Needless to say I havent written all week as my entire left arm has been in pain. (its worse than labor, I swear)
    Anyway, do any of you suffer from carpal tunnel? Do you have any home remedies? I only got told to wear a splint for 3 weeks and take advil. When he said "advil", I almost smacked him with the little hammer he was banging my hand with. haha

    We could also make this a thread on home remedies, so I'll just make that the subject. Feel free to share.
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    The reason he suggested advil is because it is great for inflamation. I get sinus headaches and it works better for me that the drugs that are meant for congestion and sinus preasure. Anything that is good for inflamation is helpful. But realistically, it's not necessarily a good idea to do too much to reduce the pain and such. That's because it gives you the illusion that the reason for the pain and swelling are gone, and you could do even more damage because you'll want to continue on as if there was no problem. You're better off resting your hand until it heals.
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    One bottle of Robitussin chased with Sprite, your carpal tunnel definitely wont hurt. Or you could just elevate it, ice it, and take Advil. After the swelling goes down remember keep the affected area limber and loose. (I'm assuming it's a wrist?) Also, after swelling has gone down, a heat pad can do no harm. Finding a new position for your hands on the keyboard will help, too.

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