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    Horror vs Thriller

    Discussion in 'By the Genre' started by MilesTro, Aug 25, 2016.

    How can you tell a story between a thriller and a horror? To me, horror are like thrillers except they have supernatural entities to add scary conflict among the characters. And thrillers deal with suspense and fear without the supernatural. I thought most stories that have psychopathic killers are usually in thriller stories, but people dubbed them to be horror. If a story is about a killer, how can it be a horror story if it doesn't have any supernatural elements? And isn't both of these genres are about fear and suspense?
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    Horror doesn't imply supernatural entities. While they are similar genres, to me the difference is that the primary emotion in a horror novel should be fear, while in a thriller it should be excitement. Both deal with tension and suspense and certainly both can have both fear and excitement, but it's a matter of which is more prevalent (imo; you could look up an official description of the two but I'm sure the specifics even differs from publisher to publisher, which is debatably what counts the most).

    I also tend to think of thrillers as having 'happy' endings whereas horror needn't, necessarily.
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    Where are you getting the idea that either horror or thriller implies supernatural?

    A thriller is meant to thrill a horror is meant to horrify. It's like PG and PG-13.

    Thrillers tend to be more action centralized. Lot of suspense and mystery. Horrors tend to be darker.

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