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    House of Night

    Discussion in 'Book Discussion' started by solarstarrkatt, Aug 14, 2010.

    Um, I don't know if someone else has done this, but I'm not going to "bump" something several months old. So...
    To be fair, here is the neutral summary of the first book:
    Zoey Montgomery/Redbird has been Marked and needs to go to the House of Night, a vampire school in Oklahoma. When she gets there, she realizes that something evil is happening.
    (Short, but to the point.)
    Spoiler Alert! Spoiler Alert! Spoiler Alert!
    I've read the second and third book, and honestly, I'm sick of Zoey. She was given these affinities (sp?) for the elements, and these "totally awesome and understanding" friends and this "hot, perfect, really really hot" boyfriend, while she's imprinted with Heath, and then Loren comes along. And surprise surprise, Neferet's evil! So, thinking he really loves her, she sleeps with Loren, breaking the "imprint" with Heath, and then Erik walks in and they break up, and then Loren is killed, so she has no boyfriends.And Loren is doing Neferet's dirty work! OMG! Didn't see that one coming! Oh, but she was keeping a lot of things from her "totally awesome and understanding" friends, so they're mad at her, oh, and her best friend that died is some blood crazy not-like-me-vamp (a real vamp), and the only person that's stuck with her is no longer a vampire. Can someone stake her for me? Please?
    I'm going to keep reading, in hopes that it gets better, or less bull-crappy. Does it? Oh, and can someone provide the "code" for the spoiler thing? If it still works.
    So, what do/did you think of it? And to answer what you might (stress on the might) be thinking, I find few books I read to be good.

    Thanks Cogito!
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    The only thing that I know about these books is that one of them had a truly awful typo in the blurb. Clearly it wasn't proofread, so clearly the publisher doesn't care, so I find it hard to myself (though I'd find it hard to regardless, given that it's not exactly my kind of book).
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    My friend reads these and loves them. She also likes the Sookie Stackhouse series. I don't read this genre, so I haven't ever tried them. There is a big market for them though. I've noticed they are pretty popular (at least around here).

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