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    How can I write my story so this scenario is believed, if possible?

    Discussion in 'Plot Development' started by Ryan Elder, Jan 1, 2016.

    My story is a crime thriller, where the villain is caught by having his cellphone tapped. The police arrange for him to panic and have him call his accomplices out of emergency, and he and the accomplice discuss what to do about their crime, which has gone wrong.

    They cannot meet in person because they all do not have time, and have to talk about it right away.

    However, there is no emergency that sends them into a panic. It's all a police sting operation set up, so that the gang will call each other and incriminate themselves, while talking to each other over the phone.

    However, I am told this is a plot hole, because criminals would not talk over the phone about their crimes because it makes them look stupid.

    But is their a way I can write it so that the reader believes it?

    Like for example in Breaking Bad, Walter White is constantly talking about criminal activity over the phone, with his criminal associates. Like there was one episode where they talked about a production shortage in his drug product, and he is talking about that over the phone. There is also another episode, where the police are going to arrest one of his associates, so Walt calls him to warn him to get out of town, knowing full well, that the man is under investigation.

    Later in the show Walter talks on the cellphone, and he doesn't know that his own conversation is being recorded.

    The movie The Departed did this as well, with criminals constantly talking over the phone about their activity, and in the end, it turns out it was recorded.

    Is it possible to write my story like this where the reader will not think of it as a plot hole and actually buy it?
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    I challenge the creation of this thread. I apologize if this seems harsh. But you have been on this forum for nearly a year. And it seems like you are still at square one. I can recognize from the homepage that this was one of your threads based on the title.

    I think your biggest problem is not the plot but the way you look at the plot. It seems like you have discussion(our PM or other PMs or public threads) with the hope of finding some magic trick. Some perfect formula or sudden tool that will fix everything and make it perfect.

    No such tool exists. Your work is never going to be perfect. No ones work is perfect. The thing I think you need to realize is every source has technical faults. Because no source is perfect.

    You need to stop worrying about perfection or the elimation of problems and focus on the positive.

    Your approach always seems like. "How can I take away things people won't enjoy."

    I recommend the reverse. "How can I add things someone would love."

    If you change your story at the drop of the hat to every possible fault, you will never finish. I don't mean to say leave faults in on purpose either, but searching for faults I think is doing you no good.

    It is freezing you in place and not allowing you to grow. So if leaving a few faults in, allows you to take the next step or to add more awesome things in. Then go for it.

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