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    How could my character change his identity?

    Discussion in 'Plot Development' started by thisisyourend, Jun 28, 2017.

    So there is our world and a parallel one which Jack of our world parallel self changes his identity to Seth. I'm having the problem thinking of why he would change his identity, which this is my plot twist that they are the same person. If you need some information of my story, my story is about my main character Jack goes to the parallel world to find Ann for the reason because she has a fraction of a being called the dragon force which is after her, and if it goes into Ann she would become a god that could destroy the multiverse. But Jack doesn't know that's the reason why, he thinks he's going to be paid for escorting the girl out of the city the story takes place in. Which at the end the dragon force does become one with Ann and she can see past and present and sends Jack back in time before he, our protagonist, turned into Seth and kills him to cut Seth at the root.

    Some back ground before the events of the story Seth discovered an element called imperium and starts a lab company with his colleague Ben (who is the person who sent Jack on his mission). Soon people in the city who have had long exposure to the element become monsters. This same element is used to create capsules which help to fight the monsters that give a person who swallows them special abilities. Seth daughter died and he became sad but Ben discovered parallel worlds and he got our Jacks daughter who is Ann. And after sometime there was also a rock that was crack opened and it had the fraction of the force in it which went into Ann. I was also thinking that maybe Seth somehow gets the power to also become a god and starts to fuse world together to create one free of corruption.

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