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    How did my lead character die?

    Discussion in 'Plot Development' started by Jenny126, Mar 17, 2019.


    I've been writing a murder mystery but I'm stumped on a key aspect of the plot.
    The background:
    Following the dissapearance of 19 year old Isabella, the daughter of a powerful MP. Her dissapearance remains a total mystery for over two years until her body is discovered. (First believing it had been a kidnap for ransom.)

    Then all signs point to murder and throughout the book each one of her friends and others is somehow implicated in some way, one sold her drugs at parties, another fancied her but wasn't wanted. A close friend (my MC) envied her lavish lifestyle. The guy who last saw her alive and an her ex boyfriend who hated her and paid her to cover up the fact he had assaulted her. (To save his career.)

    However (spoiler alert) it turns out to be my leads boyfriend. They were having a very quiet affair and didn't want their friends to find out about it. But one particular night there was a tragic accident and she died.

    The most important aspect of her death is that it's a complete accident and he panics. He had no malicious intentions to kill her. (For later reasons). He's terrified of the implications of her death and that his girlfriend will find out he was seeing her best friend. He calls his brother for advise.

    He suggests they make it seem like murder and pin it on her Ex who has already assaulted her. His brother says if they come forward they will investigate and could possibly risk being implicated in the earlier cover up and he will lose the (MC) for good. Having been blackmailed by his brother he goes along with it. Eventually guilt and fear turns sinister when my (MC) finds out what he's done and he kidnaps her.

    But my question is? How does she die. What kind of accident can happen that could also suggest murder. At first I thought maybe a head injury but how does that come about? Maybe he could have hit her with his car? Or they took drugs and she died of an overdose.
    Any ideas?
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    Undiagnosed allergy to opiates. She tried a little H and it didn't agree with her.
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    Plot 1369, Staff Yasukuni
    Exposure. They had a fight, she got out of the car. Somehow her clothes got wet, under 50F/10C that can lead to hypothermia and death.
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    On a romantic dawn walk along the cliffs of Dover, the dead woman wants a picture of herself standing on the edge of the cliff. Several pictures, it turns out, each in a different pose, trying to take the perfect picture.

    The boyfriend gets more and more nervous, as the poses grow riskier and the doomed woman moves closer to the edge. Then she stands balancing on one leg, the other legs and her arms stretched out exuberantly. The boyfriend, nervous, fumbles the phone he's taking pictures with, and it falls, cracking on the rock.

    The woman, upset over the broken phone, scolds him, and in mid-scold loses her balance. The boyfriend dives forward to catch her, trips, and shoves her off the cliff to her death.

    All yours if you like it. :)
    Oh, and "ripped from today's headlines:" people have died in similar ways.
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    If body is missing for two years and then found, it makes a lot of limitations.

    I suggest you study at least for 2-5 books of criminal pathology. There you will find many useful possibilities.

    I have not read this, but I suppose it could give you some ideas about forensic science connected to this topic.

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    If the body is two years old, they're not gonna have much more than a skeleton to work with. So I would think they had an argument, and in her hurry to turn around and leave, she forgot there was a set of stairs right their and impaled herself on the coat stand at the bottom

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