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    How should I handle this??

    Discussion in 'Plot Development' started by SchokoDonut, May 8, 2016.

    Need help folks! Sorry in advance for the errors, English is my second language :)

    I'm currently working on a book about the struggles of everyday life. My main Character is the 2nd oldest of 5 children(28yrs). The family is very loving and supportive and poor. The 2 oldest children were able to gain money in the later years through hard work and thus take care for everyone and reach a somewhat 'middle class status'. The biggest Trauma the family had to face was when the youngest one was kidnapped at the age of 5. After that, is a somewhat time skip and the way they dealt with her disappearance is told through dreams, talking with a therapist or flashbacks etc.

    So 9 years later, the youngest one was finally found. The main Character thought everything is going to get better now but the problem is the 'victim' suffers from PTSD and has no intention of telling what happend or even staying with them and constantly tries to run away from home and throws many tantrums adding stress to the family but they don't wanna give her up (obviously).
    My Problem is now how should i handle this, when someone acts this way? I have no idea and I want to write this as realistic as possible. I did my research but nothing helped me..
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    Your research must have come up with methods of treating PTSD? Or are you asking how the other characters would react on an emotional level, not aided by a professional? Only you know that, because only you know your characters. Like, personally, I think I'd feel rejected and bewildered and would withdraw to protect myself from the pain of my sister/daughter/whatever trying with all her might to get away from me. Others might get angry. Others might lovebomb her. Others might lock her in a room so she couldn't run away. There's no 'right' answer.

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