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    How should I introduce a love interest in this case?

    Discussion in 'Character Development' started by Ryan Elder, Dec 15, 2015.

    My story is a thriller, where the MC has a healthy relationship with his girlfriend at the start of it, but by the end, the relationship ends in tragedy. No one dies, just a break up, because of all the immorality that has entered it as a result.

    The gf is not that major of a character, plot-wise, it's just part of the MC's background and development. But how can I introduce such a character without it coming off as on the nose, I guess you could say?

    Like I could show the MC leave the house and kiss her goodbye as he goes to work. Or I could show something much longer like how they talked about when they first met and show a flashback or something. I am just not sure how to introduce her or what they should talk about, without it coming off as plain... like I had to introduce her this way, without adding anything more to it...

    Does anyone have any ideas, for this type of character, in this type of story? Thanks for the input :).
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    Seems to me you are making this too difficult. People interact with each other every day in numerous ways. He could call her on the phone, drop something off at her house, take her out on a date, pick up an item at a store for her (without ever actually seeing her)...the possibilities are endless.
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    Or have a colleague ask him "How's Mary? Ain't seen you guys in a while. You still planning on Niagara over Thanksgiving?"

    This tells you that 1/ his colleague at least knows her name. 2/ MC & Mary have been together for a while. 3/ He sometimes discusses his future plans with his colleague, so he sees this as a relationship with a future. MC's response could be enthusiastic and loving, or a bit off, prefiguring the later break-up.

    Use it as filler, while MC & Colleague are watching a stake-out.
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    His girlfriend may be just a blip on your plotline, but she won't be a blip to him. Unless she is, of course—which means her loss won't mean much to him at the end. Easy come, easy go.

    Put yourself in his shoes. If you are madly in love with the person you are currently 'with,' you are going to think about them during the day, have imaginary conversations with them, mention them to your friends and colleagues on occasion. Worry because you're not seeing them enough, due to your work. Look forward to seeing them when you get home, or have time to go out (if you're not married.)

    You can work all this into your story without making a big deal about her appearing in it. But whatever you do, if you want the breakup at the end to matter, you're going to need to make his relationship with her matter TO HIM. So use his thoughts and feelings to create this impression.

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