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    How should I write Optimus Prime?

    Discussion in 'Character Development' started by Alphacharizard, May 18, 2019.

    I want to write a Transformers fan fiction, but I would like to know what things I can and should (and what things I don't have to) do with the character. I mean, Optimus was always a character who inspired sacrifice, heroism and leadership. A Superman, basically.

    But the thing is that, as far as I know, "perfect" characters tends to be boring (or at least not interesting), which will be a problem in my story, specially because he will share the protagonist role with another guy.

    Currently some ideas and things I want to do are:
    -Optimus is a janitor who was a great hero in his youth, not the leader of the autobots.
    -Optimus has some desires related with his past life, the good old days.
    -Optimus is a skilled warrior, but he tries to reason with the opponent (when it's reasonable).
    -Optimus can be a little worried about leading well his new team (they aren't soldiers, just random guys who ended in the wrong situation against dangerous decepticons).
    -At one point of the story, Optimus becomes leader of the autobots and he will deal with doubts and disapprovals coming from the people.
    -He is (or was) related with some key characters.

    Thank you
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    Question for you, how real does the story has to be concerning the movies?
    Can it be totally different, can Optimus have other character traits?

    My opinion on this:
    A janitor in my eyes is not really interesting to focus on. Its gets more story mode and less action. Yes, you can start with a bunch of stories and then get to the action, but that needs some knowledge. And because you have another protagonist walking around I don't know how you see this.

    Optimus has some desires related to his past life.
    You kinda say that he is old now or not capable of battling anyone. Again, it gets into a story mode. Maybe he can play the 'old' man to accompany the younger protagonist and give him tips etc. Go as the more passive fighter and more 'wise'.

    Optimus is a skilled warrior but tries to reason with the opponent.
    This looks pretty cool and adventurous. He is back at his role in the movies but now a more passive fighter. One that likes to convince enemies to not do it.
    He will be even wiser than before. To get the second protagonist on this journey you need to make a couple of choices. Is the second one just as good as Optimus or is he a pupil of some kind?

    Optimus can be a little worried about leading well his new team.
    This makes it interesting cause its nothing like in the movies. You can do many things with this. The story mode comes and Optimus has many questions in his head and the actions he makes are not always for the best. Goes well with the second protagonist to help him with this or make it even worse.

    At one point in the story, Optimus becomes the leader of the Autobots and he will deal with doubts and disapprovals coming from the people.
    This makes for a perfect imperfection on his side. This makes the story more trustworthy. He can try to make peace with the people or make choices to make it even worse. Will be interesting.

    -He is (or was) related to some key characters.
    More story mode and interesting features with people. Maybe add in some action or more trying to confine people to his side. Another great option to be made.

    Okay, I know I didn't even make this easier... Sorry.
    If my advise didn't help I get it cause its not really a solution. But be creative. The ideas are great options to get a road through your journey. What idea do you like the most? What option fits your dream story the best? Do you want story mode or more action?
    Hope you found this helpful :D
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