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    How To Find Beta Readers

    Discussion in 'The Art of Critique' started by J.T. Woody, May 14, 2019.

    I'm getting sick and tired of asking family and friends to be beta readers. The last straw was this past weekend, finishing up my final for this semester.
    I needed someone to proof read the paper. People were unreachable, so I called up and asked my parents. The first thing they always ask (for essays, research papers, fiction, poems, etc.) is "How long is is?"
    This paper was 8 pages (excluding reference page, abstract, appendices, and cover page). The gave me so much grief for having asked to read it that I'm just fed up with it.

    With that being said, I've sent 5 works of fiction out to journals. I'm anxious because I didn't have anyone read it/go over it because, again, I've had no one willing to read my work and offer solid critique other than "oh, it was good."

    this is part rant, part serious.... how do I find people willing to read my work, no matter the length?
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    cookie world
    Omg this is totally me!!! I cant even get family members to read a few scenes and they swear it's so long. Another thinks reading is torture. I did get one opinion but that's just one. Ugh. I would like to know about these beta readers also.
    Another family member tells me to just write with no other opinions or ideas and publish it as is. :confused: I get so frustrated.
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    Critiquing/beta reading takes a lot of time on something they likely have no interest in, even if they do have quite a bit of interest in you. It also gets sticky worrying about hurting your feelings, for friends and family. I think it's usually much better to get- and give- help from other aspiring writers.

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    You've been around for awhile. I'm sure there are people on this site who would beta read for you. I think it works best to do a trade. Just think about the people you click with on here or post in the section fro seeking beta readers. I would do it, but I just committed to helping someone else out with a lengthier piece. However, feel free to message me in the future if you want. But, really, you're in the right place to find people who will read your work.

    Also, don't worry too much about making submissions that haven't been read by other people. I sold a story for big money that no one had seen. in fact, it might have actually hurt me if I had taken any advice on that one. It wasn't something I felt very confident about so I would have likely made changes that could have prevented me from making the sale.

    Betas can be great, but they're not really needed. I like trading work with some of my friends on here because it's nice to see what they're up to. It's not really about looking for help. It's just something I like doing, especially when I know they're good writers.

    If you really just feel like you need feedback, there is the section of this forum for that.
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    I found pretty much all my beta readers right here on this forum. What you can do is post under the Collaboration forum requesting beta readers and, if you're willing, don't forget to mention that you're willing to beta read their similar sized work in exchange. You can swap stories with @Just a cookiemunster , for example, assuming you aren't the wrong target audience for each other.

    Good luck!
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    I've used fiver for short stuff

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