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    How to not get bribery traced back to you after you died?

    Discussion in 'Plot Development' started by Hydraphantom, May 3, 2019.

    Currently working on a murder mystery.

    The culprit set up an extremely elaborate multiple murder-suicide and frame it on the defendant, a (fictional) German Chancellor. With 16 murder charge on the defendant's head, the culprit wish to use his own life to completely destroy the defendant's reputation. But just in case defence manages to get a non-guilty verdict (ace attorney style), he had backup insurance. Which, he bribed one of the servants of the defendant to make a generous "donation" for the judge's granddaughter's medical bill, which will surely dig up by a battalion of presses focusing on this case. Which even if the defendant got a non-guilty, the public opinion will still consider him as the true murder that got away by bribing the judge.

    9 out of 16 victims are ministers of foreign relations from other European countries. The year is 1911, with The Great War on the horizon, such accusation will damage his and his country's reputation massively and could be a direct cause of war. The culprit has such a burning hatred to the defendant and all European country that he not only want to see him worse than death but wants to plunge entire Europe into war.

    Just one small problem, what should the culprit do in order to not let the bribery trace back to him? Since he will be dead after the act and cannot exactly do anything to cover up after anymore.

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