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    How to pace a television show

    Discussion in 'Plot Development' started by Laura wise, Dec 21, 2015.

    To make this short I'm attempting to write a tv show in my spare time focousing around the relationship between two friends following one of them disappearing for several months and then returning. My big problem is how long should I wait before
    1. Having the friend disappear
    2. Having them return
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    Dec 11, 2015
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    if its about two characters and one of them leaves then its really about one character isnt it

    also i need to know the genre

    in ur case ill assume it to be friendship a little romance and drama

    id start the series as about a girl, you woul hear her thoughts. from episode 1 she thinks about her friend while interacting with other people

    episodes later her friend, a guy, just meet each other on the street they hug she asks where hes been. he hugs her back but is very distant.

    from here on out i could do alot if things

    romance, a girl swept him off his feet but she betrayed him. now the girl mc has to fight for his affection in a love triangle

    action suspense, hes been doing dirty dealings for the mob or cartels and tge story is about the mc trying to get him out or her getting caught in his web

    fantasy, he was kidnapped by a werewolf or vampire and was turned.

    scifi, he was abducted by aliens but cant remember

    as you can see i can make a bunch of interesting plots from a single dussapearance.

    you coukd also have it where ep 1 would be the meet in the street where have u been ep

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