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    How to start researching a real place and culture?

    Discussion in 'Research' started by J.T. Woody, Dec 6, 2018.

    So, I already have 2 WIP that I'm working on currently, so I don't plan to start THIS one for a while but I'm curious:

    I like geography and world cultures. When I was looking at a map of Uganda (why that particular country? I have no idea), I saw that there were various little islands in Lake Victoria. I read that people often go missing on the lake. Naturally, I day-dreamed and ended up writing down the premise for a story that I will write eventually. Its about a mythical island untouched by man and inhabited only by spirits in the middle of the lake. Enter girl who washes ashore the island. She decides never to leave. Years later, a young fisherman in a boating accident washes ashore the lake and falls in love with the (now) woman and vows never to leave.
    years later, a "useless" young man sails a rinky-dink boat and comes across the island. He sees the child (between 13 and 15) of the man and woman and believes shes a spirit. He kidnaps her and takes her back to his people as proof that the island and the spirits exist. The dude is not very respected in his community; he's a wimp, not very strong, kind of sickly, not very attractive. He was tasked to find the mythical island with the hopes that he'd die in the process and when he comes back with the girl, they originally don't believe him. There is more, but that's not the point...

    I want to write about my made up island in the middle of Lake Victoria, but I also want to include African culture and folklore. Geographically, Lake Victoria shares its shores with Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania. I figure I would do research leisurely..... but I don't know where to start!
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    I like the idea the island be habitat by ghosts. And since you are interested in incorporating African culture, why not starting from the cities you just mentioned in your post? Try to understand how the society works, old traditions not only religious but also ethics, laws, the mentality, and as you mentioned as well folklore. Then select what attracts you or you believe makes more sense to your story, so at the end, you can give a personal touch on your island. I hope this helps, keep on good work and have fun. :superidea:
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