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    How to Write about Characters Past Lives?

    Discussion in 'Character Development' started by SerenaYasha, Feb 11, 2012.

    Okay I know the title is confusing

    It's mainly a sub plot but explain what the characters have certain problems

    What I mean is my two main characters have lived multiple past lives in different time periods only to end in the same sad way. ( they are always to meet, fall in love, but due to fear or something far worse(the main villain) as the reason why they never get to confess their feelings to each other)

    I always hear people complain when it comes to love stories how the characters should JUST tell the other person how they feel to begin with, i want to add a plausible reason why my characters can't/don't.

    I having a hard time figuring out away to explain in to my reader with on just saying it.

    I want to show that through each past life how the characters personality changes, even though the they're unaware of it, the past live(s) have an effect on their current life.

    Example: the female ( in first life) starts off as a weak stereotype princess character but last life ( modern day) she is more independent but has trust issues.

    all this is just a piece of the script I'm working on to turn into a comic

    I hope i was able to explain this clear enough
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    One word. Don't.



    Oh. You're still here.

    Okay, i'll expand a little on that. Real people hesitate, freeze up, let their fears control them. Often they don't even know why they can't do what they so urgently want to do,

    Don't rationalize it. Your readers can relate even if you don't explain. Later on, you could drop a hint or two what might have held your characters back, but even that isn't necessary. You want to increase tension, not decrease it, and doubt is always more stressful than knowledge.

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