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    How to write real people in Alternate History?

    Discussion in 'Character Development' started by James II, Jan 20, 2018.

    I've been sitting on this idea for awhile, building the setting and such. But when I started writing the actual story I found that I wasn't sure how to approach writing real people into it.

    This is the plot so far:

    What if George Washington believed the land he and others fought so hard to gain independence from the British empire, could not survive as a democracy? What if he was convinced that America needed a strong, central leader? What if George Washington decided to rally the continental army behind him and tossed both the articles of confederation as well as the constitution out in favor of a monarchy?

    George did not believe in an absolute monarchy as he still wanted to secure the freedoms of his people; he because of this, makes his new kingdom an elective monarchy, a delegate is sent from every province to decide the next king after his death or a vote to dethrone him.

    The year this story starts in is 1853, After the Mexican-American war, the current King, Norton the ll, pushes the popular manifest destiny into the nation's creed and completely annexes Mexico, as well as the surrounding islands such as Cuba and Haiti. He strongly believes it is God's will to have all of the Americas under the banner of his Kingdom.

    The various nations of South America, in an effort to keep their sovereignty, form the Confederacy of South America, putting pause on Norton's plans of invasion.

    England and America are in a war of spies and secrets, similar to that of the cold war in real life. England secretly supports the South Americans by giving them supplies, arms, and money. France and the KOA are and have been good allies since the young kingdom's inception, England wishes to end this alliance with an ever-growing network of spies and saboteurs, the KOF has set up their own counter operations.

    France is ruled by the Napoleonic dynasty as the American kingdom helped defend their friends in the battle of Waterloo, securing Napoleon's rule.

    Everyone born in the Kingdom of America is born as half-citizens, meaning they hold only half the rights of a full citizen. They can only become full-citizens by serving in the military for a minimum of two years or reaching political office. Half-citizens do not have the right to freedom of speech, expression, or the right to bear arms. They can buy land, but they must pay double the taxes of a full citizen.


    To be more specific, Ulysses S. Grant is
    King Norton's Marshal, in the opening to the story he and the rest of the king's cabinet are in a meeting, going over current events and the fact that Mexico is practically in rebellion.

    The King suggests purging Mexico and inviting Americans from the fatherland to move there, offering cheap land. Ulysses loses his temper and suggests that the King treat them better as a way to end the revolting.

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