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    How to write when life makes it hard

    Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by playerslayer, Jun 1, 2017.

    I have a handful of issues holding me back from doing any worthwhile writing. To the point that people have recommended I leave my house and go to the library. My household, though a huge problem, is not the only thing holding me back. Most of it is in my own head and that's what I'd like help working around.

    I've had enough problems in my life and I don't care to thoroughly discuss all that here. I had irresponsible parents that divorced when I was young which became the catalyst for the rest of my life going to shit. That among other decisions they made combined with being a disabled man with no useful skills to get a decent job where I'll have gainful employment. I have a lot on my mind every day, and the only reason why I even have a couple of friends is thanks to my brother. In fact I'd go as far as to say there's a good chance I wouldn't even be alive right now if not for him.

    i guess what I'm saying is it's hard to write when it doesn't even feel like life is worth living. These days most of my writing revolves around processing the issues I'm having. It's better than nothing and I hope to be back to actual writing soon.
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    Crappy predicament @playerslayer :meh:

    Hiya btw, I know a fair few folk who practise writing out their issues (if that's what you mean by processing). They see it as a form of catharsis. I can categorically say it's not for me though. I feel doing such, again for me, compounds a situation; a form of brain training where one's reinforcing something negative by looping through it in an alternate manner. Okay, not quite categorically; there may be the odd time where I use a live emotion to impart some authenticity to the page, say a scene with anger/sadness. But mostly when I escape to write, I bang on some tunes and do my damnedest to pull a frame of mind out (of the bag of mind-frames) that'll suit the scene I wish to write. So I write in rather than write out—if that makes sense?

    Hope said predicament improves, it will with positive effort, and you have a gem of a brother.
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    Do you think it would help you to have a writing buddy - someone who you share work with privately (both ways) and can talk through writing issues and ideas with? I find my critique partners really motivating. And you don't have to be friends, just two people with writing goals who help each other with those goals, so there's no pressure to be a certain way or to divulge personal information.

    Finding writing buddies is easier said than done but certainly possible. Does it sound interesting or awful to you?
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    Write what how you're feeling. If you're sad and upset, portray your writing as such (that is until you feel better), if you're angry, write your story as such and so on. It's what I do a lot and it's a win-win. If it's good perhaps show it to others, maybe even attempt to publish it. If it's not, at least you got that stress and pain off your chest.
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    I don't know if this will be entirely useful, but I find I use what I'm feeling at the time to help work through some issues. Take the feelings I don't want and give them a situation. Give them a situation or a problem and have my characters find the solutions. Sometimes finding solutions to the made-up problems makes it a little easier to deal with real-life ones. Also, the writing buddy is a really good idea. Someone to brainstorm and bounce ideas with, share critique, etc.
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    I know first hand how harsh a parents divorce can be on the children, even adult ones. When my folks got divorced, it turned my world upside down. I ended up going down a path that pushed all my writing away from me. I wanted to write, but i just couldn't bring myself to actually put pen to paper. So it remained just a dream.

    I was able to deal with it by talking to myself, strangely enough, reasoning out all my problems with myself helped me work through everything. But what actually got me writing again, was just taking it a day at a time. When I woke up , i was like, lets write 2 pages today. Soon enough, all those "2 pages a day" turned into a novel.

    Just hang in there and focus on the little things. You can change your life. You just need to do it tiny bit by bit. Small goals, even if its writing a single sentence a day. Soon enough, all those sentences add up.
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