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    How Writing Saved My life

    Discussion in 'Articles' started by zoupskim, Dec 24, 2016.

    I'm not some great Author.

    I'm not published, and I may never be published. One day I hope to hold my own book in my hand, but I don't follow market trends or try to write what's popular. None of that matters to me, because I've written since I could read. I'll be writing on my death bed. Because I know why, guys. I know why we're all doing this.

    Writing is the language of life. No matter what you've done, no matter how you've changed throughout however many years of life, your writing is always there for you.

    I was eight when I crafted my first narrative. It was a crappy fan-fiction, but I loved Starcraft and Buzz Lightyear. I wanted to be Sarah Kerrigan, leading the Alien knockoffs against boring, redneck humans, and I wanted Zeratul to have more narrative than the games gave him. So I changed the Buzz Lightyear of Star Command movie into a Starcraft story, with the space rangers as Protoss and Zurg as... the Zerg. It was horrible. I still have it. My kids love it.

    When I was in Afghanistan I lost friends to pieces of trash and fertilizer combined into mines capable of peeling the armor off of tanks. I watched brothers, literal brothers, loose each other. They had joined together and trained together. Now, one walks with a cane, the other's soul haunts Afghanistan. That Marine was better than me, and he died. The only thing that kept me going was writing about those brothers; private stories that no one will see. In my stories about them they WON. Every time. They crushed their enemy.

    When I almost died in Okinawa I was stuck in a hospital bed for a week, with forty-five days afterwards spent thinking my right arm would never work right again. But, while I was trapped in the barracks, I could still prop my gimp arm on a desk and write a nasty, sex filled cyberpunk romp. I didn't fantasize about blazing through the sprawl of Neo Tokyo, guns blazing; I wrote it. I lived it.

    I wouldn't be alive if not for writing. Sure, I'd exist in the world somewhere. You'd see me walking around. I'd have a job, watch TV, like facebook stuff, but I'd be dead. I'd be one of a billion boring people tweeting their butt flexes for subs. I wouldn't be alive.

    Writing helps us express our lives in ways nothing else will. Give us one paragraph, we will give you a whole new world to love, and break, and fuck, and cry for.

    Please, never stop writing. Never stop telling stories. You know you love it.
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Discussion in 'Articles' started by zoupskim, Dec 24, 2016.

    1. Absolem
      That was very heartfelt. Thank you for your service. Writing is something very special, there's no doubt about it. I've been writing since I was like 6 or 7 but have always kept my stuff to myself and i never really knew anyone who loved writing like I did. These forums have opened up a whole nother world to me like nothing else has really, save my religious faith. At the risk of sounding terribly obvious, I have to say its nice to be in the company of like minded people for once.
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    2. Lonely Shadow
      Lonely Shadow

      My brother is a Marine, and honestly, I really do appreciate you tell your story.
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    3. Lifeline
      I will not 'like' it. I'll live it.
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    4. writemare
      This line particularly made me stop and reread it because, well it's me. I exist, have a job, watch TV and feel dead most of the time (although I do hate Facebook) Sure I write but nowhere near with the passion and desire I have for it.

      thank you much for this post. I need it
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    5. Cave Troll
    6. Albeit
      Yes ! Understand and appreciate your post zoupskim.

      Many thanks for being forward and open and true.
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    7. Rozman
      Great attitude. A bit closer to the meaning of life.
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    8. Jupie
      You sound like you have many stories to tell. I think this is always a really good basis for writing.
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    9. Pipersong
      Thank you for everything you've contributed, from your service to the small acts every day. Sometimes people forget in the throes of life what it really means to be living, or even to find that reason in the first place. Seeing something like this is a good reminder as to what it truly means to be alive.
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    10. S A Lee
      S A Lee
      Dang it, I actually cried a little.

      I actually started writing when I was suicidal, so I dare say the emotions in your statement struck some deep chords with me.

      But thank you for those words, your service to the defence of liberty (even if I'm a Brit I can appreciate that) all of it.
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    11. Danyal
      Made me shed a tear and laugh if you writing paragraphs like this you should publish and respect for the love of StarCraft Zeratul will forever be favourite character.
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    12. zoupskim
      Thanks @Danyal for your kindness.

      Thanks everyone for the responses to this little bit of motivation. I just hope it encouraged everyone else to write write write. If I can do it anyone can.
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