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    Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Kanine, Jan 15, 2017.

    By the time you're reading this it's probably been rewritten a dozen times or more. Anyways, my name is Zak. Ive always had an extremely active imagination and a talent for coming up with vast worlds, characters and stories. But, I've never been able to sit down a b day write any of them out. Now that I'm out of high school and more or less out on my own (under the firm grip of Uncle Sam), I figured It was time to take my writing more seriously and really try to make at least one of my ideas come to life. Hobbies and interests? At a very basic level I'm a hardcore nerd, PC master race, Dungeons and Dragons, ect. That being said, a lot of my work is based around Sci-fi and fantasy. I'm looking forward to criticism on whatever I end up posting on here and hopefully getting some guidance on how the fuck to write a book.
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    Hello, greetings, salutations and welcome to the mad...err...forum.:supergrin:

    It all depends on how you approach things. Some people outline
    their stories, and some make it up as they go along (Pansters)
    Though the best way is to simply start writing, and do a lot of

    If you look like this:
    Then you're doing it write.:superlaugh:

    So good luck with your work, and I will C-ya around the forum. :supersmile:
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