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    I didn't write this, my son did. Enjoy!

    Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by KhalieLa, Feb 12, 2016.

    This is why we have children. I spit coffee on my keyboard when I read it and I hope you enjoy it too. Who knew penises were so productive?
    (Original post: https://plus.google.com/u/0/+JudahWright/posts )

    Tonight has been a good night for thinking. Here is another late-night thought:

    The Human-Genome contains approximately 2.9 billion base-pairs. If you broke that down to binary, each base-pair would require two bits. To simplify that a little bit:
    2.9E9 (pairs) / (8bits / 2bits) = 7.25E8 (bytes)
    7.25E8 (bytes) / 1024 (bytes/kilobyte) / 1024 (kilobytes/megabyte) = 691.4 (megabytes)

    That's a lot of data, but if you think about it this would easily fit on a standard CD. Now, lets break it down even more. Lets say that each human gamete contains exactly half of the genome pairs. This comes out to each gamete having 345.7 megabytes. You must be thinking that this bit of data is rather useless. Well, if you are, YOU ARE WRONG!

    The average human ejaculate contains approximately 280 million sperm.
    2.8E8 (sperm) * 345.7 (megabytes) = 9.68E10 (megabytes)
    9.68E10 (megabytes) / 1024 (megabytes/gigabytes) / 1024 (gigabytes/terabyte) / 1024 (terabytes/petabyte) = 90.15 petabytes.

    Lets say that I can finish my... uh... task... in two seconds. That means my penis has a data transfer rate of 45.075 PETABYTES PER SECOND. Now, if anyone else starts bitching to me about their terrible internet speed, JESUS CHRIST MAN! Get with the times!
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    Sexy maths.
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