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    I have a very important question about writing

    Discussion in 'General Writing' started by Annihilation, Nov 3, 2015.

    Well it's sort of a long question so I couldn't exactly put it in the title.

    When writers put little Easter eggs or references to other things in their stories what if readers don't get it?

    I've always had this question. Is it better to only write what you think your readers will understand or "get" or to write what you want and hope they get it and understand the little things to put it all together?

    There's a lot of complexity in my current story and I hope readers will be smart enough to put it together and say "oh I see what he did there."

    What are your thoughts on this?
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    They'll get it or they won't. As long as the reading experience isn't lessened by not knowing, it doesn't matter.
    I'm including a lot of references to UK only things in my current WIP, but not understanding them only impacts one's understanding of the individual references, rather than the novel as a whole.
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    The thing about easter eggs is that they are not always found. They're hidden because they're - you know, easter eggs. Think of it like when children are searching actual easter eggs in the garden. Some of them are lying around obviously and all children will see them, but some of them are hidden really well and can only be found by the really clever kids, or those who know the way the person who hides them thinks. It makes them even more proud of having found them. So no, the fact that some of the "secrets" in your book may go unnoticed shouldn't bother you. It's part of the fun.
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  4. Catrin Lewis

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    I totally agree. Though I've discovered there are readers who notice them but don't get them, and feel resentful about it. But as they say, not all readers are your readers.
  5. Christine Ralston

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    I use allusion and implication in my writing. Some people get it; some don't. I wouldn't let that stop you from using them. Those who get your little Easter eggs will just have a richer reading experience.

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