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    I have achieved something

    Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Shn1010, Jul 10, 2018.

    The first year I started writing, I was very arrogant and I thought my book was the best in the world. However, right after that I began to read other books and I realized how wrong I was. One could tell that my style, my plot and even my characters were all created by an amateur.

    Then I rewrote my story. By that time I had turned nineteen years old so I realized how immature my previous writing was. So I did what I had to do. I scrapped the whole thing and rewrote it with a fresh perspective.

    The last three years have been very frustrating for me because I couldn't mold my writing the way I wanted to. My writing was neither mature nor interesting. I often got bored of my own writing.

    However, today when I was reading my final draft I actually almost forgot that it's my own work because I was enjoying myself so much. When I wasn't laughing, I was smiling at the lighthearted parts. I felt empathetic towards my characters, I could relate to them.

    That is when I realized that I have achieved something. I'm going to a publishing house next week, I hope that even if I get rejected, I'll find a way.
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    :cheerleader:, it is a Path I traveled down myself, and many others here, I am sure.

    When I wrote the first draft for Richard and Melissa, I thought it was the greatest thing ever and couldn't handle one ounce of criticism towards it, by anyone, even when my mother said it sounded like something a teenage girl wrote, mind you I was about 18 or 19, and I am a man. LOL.

    Then after I failed to get it published (Thank God in hind sight) I put it aside to work on other books and develop my world. That was about 1998 or 1999, because Y2k was around then. Anyways. flash forwarded to 2011, my world is more fleshed out, I have written other books (none published at this time, thankfully. One was self-published but I didn't have confidence in it, and eventually realized it was a rough and took it down). So I decided to return to Richard and Melissa to revise it.. and to my horror, I couldn't even read it, it was so gawd awful, everyone was either overly emotional, borderline suicidal or no personality at all. So I torn it down, stripped it to the bare bones of what was needed, the rest was tainted meat. I then rewrote the entire book. then spent yeas revising it and tightening it. It's now my back burner WIP as I intend to go back to it at a later date.

    For now I am working on my Current WIP, Kristol of Ancea, which I consider the first of the new generation of my writing style, I also started it shortly after joining WF and getting an idea of what I needed to work on.

    Anyways, happy writing. :)

    ETA: Just to emphasize, I call it my self-torture book, for when I feel like read it, it's clear I want to hurt myself. I need to make fun of it just to get through it, and even then in vain i try to distance myself from the writing but that damn voice taunts me, reminding me that I wrote it.
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    Congrats on getting that far! I wish the best for you!:cheerleader:
    It feels great when you can look back on your writing and easily see the improvement.
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    Wonderful achievement.
    I've been in the same boat, but it's nice to realize how much growth I achieve (in just a few years) after critiquing my own stuff.

    This is a different story, but worth a mention here: Don't doubt your writing skills.

    Years back, an acquaintance of mine casually said she would write a press release for me. I never asked her to do one; she volunteered. Previously, I had written my own releases because the expense to hire a professional was not in my budget . Few editors usually responded, so because this acquaintance kept going on and on about what she could do I thought she would capture a wider audience than I could. Also, I imagined it nice to have someone else handle the release while I worked on my art.

    Well, she wrote the release and gave it to me. (Thank goodness I didn't let her send anything out.) I couldn't believe what I read. Her writing was too childish. No, she was not smarter than a fifth grader. There was no part of the release that I could use. I threw it out and forgot about it.

    Months later, she contacted me to ask for payment. Whaaa? Few things shock me, but I was shocked at that. I didn't want to pay for something I didn't use, but neither did I want to cause any rifts. So I told her how much I could give, and ended that.

    From then, I began to have trust in my writing. Depending on my sentiments, it will vary from time to time, but I learned not to doubt my skills.
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    Good job, congratulations! I hope to one day feel the same way about my own writing. I haven't yet reached the point where I can honestly say I am exceptionally pleased about anything I have written.
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    There is nothing more satisfying than reading your own work and loving it!

    When i am struggling, i often refer to a a chapter i wrote about a year ago. I started this book making every effort to make it sound incredible, and i love it. Never got past the first two chapters. But now when i struggle or read something I wrote that sounds like a 10 year old did it, i re-read that first chapter of that book, and almost instantly my writing style improves dramatically.

    I believe we are all, ultimately, mirrors. We see something we like and subconsciously copy it. I believe we do this with style of writing as well. If you read crap, you write crap. If you read a masterpiece, you can write a masterpiece. Now, I don't believe this is absolute, of course, but i do believe it is a big influence.

    Good luck with your writing!!!!

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