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    I need a bad ass super villain...

    Discussion in 'Character Development' started by Kevin C. Vang, May 27, 2015.

    Hey, I am creating a super villain who likes like forever with crazy superpowers; however, I need to build his bad ass character. If someone can give me an idea who should I look for since I have done most of my research and yet, there is only a few that would touch it.

    My super villain is the governor who brainwashes people as he is working for someone who is doing the same thing like him. I cannot give you his name because that's classified. What I need is a bad ass super villain who is the governor of a province that is about to unleash an evil threat to all of his civilians.

    The only person that WOULD come close to this was Full Metal Alchemist; however, Bradly's character isn't what I am looking for. I need someone who acts nice in public before showing off his bitter-evilness inside the doors.

    Palpatine was very close, but I don't wanna be a copycat guy who is taking from this guy. I may be a fan of Palpatine, but I need someone that is even better than Palpatine in original.
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    Read Issac Asimov's "Foundation" trilogy - specifically the second two books "Foundation and Empire" and "Second Foundation" - classics of science fiction.

    Anyway, the character you describe could be well informed by the prime villain in those two books - a man known only as "The Mule".

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