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    I need an idea for a parallel world?

    Discussion in 'Setting Development' started by thisisyourend, Nov 26, 2017.

    To give some background of my story it follows 2 pov's. A mother and a daughter who are separated by parallel worlds. How they were separated is the mother named Josie had her at age 20 and her parallel self stole the child who was also adopted named Rose but before she had the same name as her parallel self. Rose grew up in a rich lineage from adoption just like her now daughter who she has paid people to watch her 24/7 because a man would come to take back the child from her. This man is Eli who has now made it to the right earth after going through so many worlds and being trapped in like different planes of existence for a reason I will explain. Eli explains she's not the daughter of Rose but doesn't tell who her actual mother is being since her mother is literally a version of Rose. Only actually seeing her would be enough proof. Eli gives her a necklace that has a inter dimensional stone in it where they can travel the worlds which also explains why Eli was stuck because his necklace had machine problems. So I was wanting do maybe a world based on a philosophy but still keep it on earth so maybe like while most of the world is still the same like our earths history another part of the world isn't. Maybe dealing with america somehow or some western country. I already did a alternate future in the year 3000 and a different civil war outcome, and a more magical world so trying to do something different while keeping it in the past.
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    This is really, really unclear.

    I think that you MIGHT be saying:

    - There's a woman in World One who's named Josie.
    - That woman gave birth to a child. Let's call the child X.
    - A woman in World One, named Rose, adopted child X.
    - The child was kidnapped, and a woman in World Two, named Rose because she's parallel to the World One rose, has now adopted child X.
    - A man named Eli, from World One, is trying to get child X back to World One.

    But you might be saying any number of other things.
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    I thought that the child was Rose - before reading your post.

    Rose is parallel Joise, right? And she is the one who stole and adopted X, if I'm not entirely mistaken. Or at least adopted her from the kidnappers. So X is adopted by her own mother, but in the wrong world where she (X) hasn't been born?

    This is obviously all over the place, but if I understand the bigger picture it might make for an interesting story. I think you need to learn how to organised your thoughts a bit better, though. If this reflects on how you write it would get really messy!

    Try to explain it one more time, but a bit clearer. It'll be easier for us to help you, and it'll probably be easier on you as well.

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