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    I need help writing a Fairy Tale T_T!!!!

    Discussion in 'Plot Development' started by SerenaYasha, Feb 13, 2011.

    First off I started writing this story as a plot device for another story I'm working on. It was meant to be a simple story about a prince and Princess. the princess had a best friend who was a fortune teller who had to only follow one golden rule when it comes to telling people their future unfortunate she could not keep it. by telling the princess she cursed the princess and the prince to be star cross lover never to be able to admit their love until their death.

    by cursing the them , other relationship where effected, the princess's brother , 2 female cousins and their soul mates, and a middle class couple due to war the man had to leave his pregnant wife.

    Like i said i want it to be simple but it started to get more a more complex. gone from a fairy tale to a tragedy

    I'm working on a title too. (current title: Emblazon)

    With a ton of symbolism/connection to something ( do you see it?)

    Here is what i got so far for the story:

    If you could learn who your soul mate is, would you want to know? If you found out would you still fall in love with them or would knowing the true push you to run from your fate?

    Long ago in the Roloc era there was a kingdom in Kyna where lived a King Pierre, Queen Maria and their daughter Princess Thisbe. The city was peaceful not war just the annual fighting matches the royal family held. On Princess’s 15th birthday the King vowed who ever won tournament would win his daughter’s hand in marriage. Unknown to Pierre his sister Cleotara was jealous of Maria and Thisbe. Rumors suggested that Cleotara wanted the mythical powers that ran in Maria’s family, to rule the world.

    Pierre just ignored the tale tails. His sister had been acting weird he agreed, the changed started a month after Cleotara got married. She was so sick according to her husband, King Mercutio, that Pierre couldn’t see her. Due to that he believed she was just mad at him and it would soon pass, after all she was much better now.

    Thisbe was more focused on the upcoming fighting tournament. She didn’t want to marry someone just because they were the so called strongest in the land. Thisbe believed in fate, and wanted to meet her soul mate. Lucky for Thisbe her best friend, Karma was a fortuneteller in training.
    Karma was natural talented with predicting the future for client, but the golden rule is to never give specific details to the future or else the person might try to defy their fate. Thisbe knew this well but everyday would constantly ask Karma who her soul mate was. Karma would only replay with hints.

    Something !!!!
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    It would be much easier to help substantially if you're a bit more specific about what you need. As far as general advice and suggestions, this is hard to come up with, especially as your story is in its conception stages. A lot of what you seem to be asking falls under the "You're the writer, it's your job" category. I'm not trying to be mean - I'm just saying that the more specific you are, the more we can help you. :) Specific about your question, that is -- you're already specific about your story's overall plot.

    As far as the title, I find it's always best to decide on it at the end. Have a working title, but often as you're writing you'll find a bit of symbolism or a line of dialogue or a scene that would make a PERFECT title, but there's no way you could have thought of it until you wrote that part. No amount of outlining or pre-write brainstorming will get you the perfect title. You gotta write the thing first. :)

    As a general tip, try to keep a fast-moving plot with lots of conflict between characters.

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