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    "I never believed in hell" contest

    Discussion in '"I never believed in hell"' started by MissIvy, Dec 27, 2006.

    "I never believed in hell."

    The words were written all over the walls in crayon. Red crayon to be precise and the bodies of two adults lay on the floor in a pool of their own blood. One body was nailed to a wall and another hanged over the living room like a chandelier, driplets of blood had dried on the white sofa just below the dangeling body.
    Detetive Skool tipped his hat forward shadowing his dark eyes as he observed the bodies that surrounded him.
    They were a mess he thought to himself as he jotted down the words on the wall onto his notepad.
    All murders were a mess but this one, this was the messiest and someone had taken the time to use a childs red crayon and write the words, I never believed in hell on each wall.
    Someone wanted these people dead and they came prepared. One body of a woman was hanging off the banister and suspended in mid air above the living room. Her hands had been tied behind her back with the same rope. A large husky male was laying on his back on the stairway with a single gunshot wound in the forehead. Another female was grasping onto a phone with multiple stabwounds on her chest and neck. The owner of the house was a porn star, Terri Lynnd who had her wrists nailed into the wall.
    It was beyond brutal.
    "Skool," a young female cop had ran in from the back entrance. She had avoided the kitchen area where the body of the woman holding the phone was and walked around the dinning area and came into the living room. Her eyes were frowning deeply and she motioned her head upwards and took a step back.
    "Oh my go-" her words faded as she grabbed her heart with her right hand eyeing the body that hanged above her.
    "Yes." Skool answered her. He was thinking that the young woman had better get used to this real quick or he would have her sent away. Canyon City cops were not used to anything more serious than a speeding ticket but everyone had to get past the scene and get on with their work. This young lady cop was no exception. He watched her a moment as she tried to compose herself and tilt her head back down to face the detetive. She had taken a deep breath and nodded her head sorrowfully.
    "There is another body outside. Its a female I think and she is floating in the pool. Its all, its full of blood." The lady cop said shaking her head.
    The detective nodded. "Why don't you go out front and walk around and get some fresh air for a little while." He suggested.
    The lady cop nodded. "I will go the backway." she said.
    "Good idea." Skool agreed. He didn't want her stepping on the body that lay on the front steps outside.

    "So," Sgt. Melford said. He stood beside Skool with his hands in his pockets and slowly moved his head around the room. He bobbed his head up and down and began singing a tune from a broadway musical.
    "This isn't a concert Melford." Skool snapped. "Where's the photographer anyway?"
    Melford shrugged and raised his brows. "Damn if I know. Probibly outside posing that chick in the pool. Nasty aye? I guess thats what happens to you when you quit." He said.
    Skool sighed deeply. It was typical of Melford to make a statement like that and not finish it. He wanted to Skool to ask him what he meant by the word quit but Skool wasn't going to. Melford walked over and stood under the woman who was hanging from the banister above.
    "They came to kill alright." Melford said, "did they bring this rope with them? Is this rope in the house? What about the knife wounds? Any knives missing from the kitchen?"
    Skool shook his head. "That is what we are trying to find out. Maybe you can get more of your men here to start looking. But ah, just for kicks and laughs there are no knives missing from the knife set in the kitchen. And ah, being our girl here," Skool paused and turned his body slightly left, he pointed to Terri Lynnds body that was nailed to the wall. "she probibly did have some rope in the house but is it the rope used to hang that girl? I just don't know yet Melford." Skool paused, "now what did you mean when you said that's what happens when you quit?"

    Melford smiled and walked back over to Skool. "Oh, seems Terry here quit the porn business and decided to go it straight. Daddy Lynnd had this house built for her cause he wanted his girl safe. Ironic huh? Two months later and the whore is dead."
    "Where is her father?" Skool asked. "Anyone know?"
    Melford nodded. "Last I heard he was vacationing in his California home but who knows. He aint gonna like this is he?"
    Skool nodded. "We got a lot of work to do."
    Melford nodded. "Yeah I guess. Want a coffee? I picked up a few extra cups at the shop just in case. Its hazelnut."
    Skool twitched his nose, "hate hazelnut."
    Melford laughed, "I know."
    Skool shook his head and uttered the word "asshole" under his breath.

    "So Daddy Lynnd bought this house for Terry to quit the industry?" Skool asked. Melford nodded. His eyes were on the female body in the kitchen. "How do you know?"
    Melford turned to face Skool, "I took a drive down this place in the summer just before the road was paved and daddy Lynnd and the builders were planning out the house. He didn't spend a lot of time telling me about his daughter but he said he wanted her home safe. So they were in a hurry to build it and daddy Lynnd had the money to get it done quick."
    "The house was finished what, three or four months ago?"
    "Yup. The porno queen had one movie to finish under contract and then she was coming back here. Seems like she took some of her co-stars with her."
    Skool looked around the room. It wouldn't suprise him if Melford recognized anyone in the room for his love of the x rated movies.
    As though reading Skool's mind, Melford nudged him in the waist with his elbow. "I know what you're thinking Skool. You are wondering if I am looking around the room here and trying to see if I recognize anyone here? You think I watch porno flicks all day long don't you? Don't deny it, you do."
    "I wasn't going to deny it."
    "Sure. Anyway," Melford said, "I only saw one porno flick and it was out of sheer curiousity."
    "Yeah , yeah alright. " Skool teased.
    "Really. My wife isn't it to that stuff at all and she controls the tv, the remote and the movie rentals. "
    "So you just saw one porno flick and it happens to be the flick with this chick huh?" Skool said turning his body around and pointing to Terrys body.
    "Yeah I found out a hometown girl was a whore in a movie and decided to try it. I always wanted to meet the girl and here she is." Melford said looking at Terri Lynnds body nailed to the wall. Her head down and blonde hair soaked in dried blood hanging low. He clicked his tounge, "damn shame. Such a good actress."

    "You're sick Melford."
    "Yeah but alive."
    The photographer had come in the back door shaking his head. He began to walk to the kitchen when he saw the womans body holding the phone dead on the kitchen floor and walked around the dinning area.
    "Any upstairs? Before I start shooting this crowd." he asked.
    Both Melford and Skool looked up and the photographers eyes followed them.
    "Holy shit." He uttered as he saw the body suspended in the air.
    "No bodies upstairs." Skool answered him.
    "What the fu-" his voice trailed. He held his camera up and began taking photographs. He walked around under the suspended body and continued to photograph the woman as he made his way to the stairs. The photographer placed his camera down and starred down at the male body on the floor and stepped around him making his way up the stairs and he continued to photograph the suspended body.
    "So what do you think? Porn related? " Melford asked his voice was low.
    "Who knows but there was more than one killer and they must have known there would be a few people here. Each killer carried their own weapon. Right now, all I know is someone wanted someone dead. Who was the intended victim? I don't know."
    "Thing is, this whore just moved back here to Canyon City so I don't think she had any friends or contacts that we could interview."
    Skool raised his eyebrows, "someone knew about this house and it isn't an easy house to find. Someone knew she would be here and probibly knew these others would be here too, whoever these other victims are. The press is going to have a field day with this."
    Melford laughed, "best news since Harry Alcott was caught changing pricetags in Needamyers."
    "Who?" Skool asked.
    "Exactly. The local news spent about two days covering that story because there was nothing else going on." Melford said, he nudged Skool with his elbow. "This murder scene, this is going to be front page news forever. Whata bitch. Just as I started to quit smoking."
    Skool shook his head. Quit smoking, he didn't want to remind Melford how many times he had heard him say he was quitting smoking. All he needed was one incident and he was back at the grocer buying another pack.
    The front door flew open and a gust of cold air followed through into the house. Both men turned and frowned deeply and saw a uniformed officer stepped inside. Slamming the door hard behind him with a loud bang, he then wrapped his arms around his body. "Cold" he uttered.
    "What the hell are you doing?" Skool snapped. "We have a dead body laying on the front steps and you just stepped all over the evidence." Skool walked over to the officer, "didn't they train you anything in class?"
    "Sorry, I didn't touch the guy." the young officer said. "But we were walking around and I saw a brown Mercedez across the cul de sac here." The young officer made a fist with his hand and covered his mouth. He coughed voilently for a moment and looked up to see Skool and Melford staring directly at him.
    "What Mercedez?" Melford asked.
    The young officer pointed to a front window that overlooked the cul de sac outside. "Over there in the bushes. Officer Taddle is checking out the plates now. "
    Both Skool and Melford looked at one another and moved forward. Skool opened the front door and carefully stepped around the young male that lay face down on the cement steps. He looked down at the dead man as he carefully stepped around the trail of blood that surrounded his head. The blood had come from his face Skool noticed as he walked around the body. No blood had come from the back of his head.
    "What's wrong?" Melford asked as he followed closly behind Skool.
    "Looks like his face was smashed into the cement. I wonder if this young fellow was coming into the house at the wrong time or trying to escape at the wrong time." Skool spoke. His head turned to the front of the house surronded by yellow tape and police cars. There was a reporter from the Daily Newspaper who was standing by his news van and holding a microphone speaking into a camera. When he saw Skool and Melford emerge from the house he waved his mic in the air. Skool ignored him and stepped under the yellow tape.
    "Over there." an officer said to Skool and pointed to a wooded area across the street. Squinting his eyes, all Skool could see where trees, evergreens and shrubbery. He walked swiftly across the street ignoring the newsman and the camera crew who were shouting at him for details of the murder scene.
    "Holy shit." Skool observed. He stood over a short embankment and saw a brown Mercedeze nestled within the shrubs. The car had been backed into the wooded area and managed to camaflauge itself in within the trees.
    "What the hell went on here last night." Melford said. His hands on his waist as he looked down at the brown car.
    A older female officer held up a wallet as she walked up the embankment. "Look found a wallet just laying on the front seat. The name on the licence matches the name registered with the tags.
    You aint gonna believe who owns this wallet and this car." She said flagging the wallet in the air. "Micky Marron."
    "Sorry?" Skool said, he frowned intensely and leaned his body forward to hear her better. "Did you say Micky Marron?"
    The officer nodded.
    "Micky Marron the guy that ran for state senate? The republican candidate that lost to his democrat brother for senate? That Micky Marron? That's his wallet and that's his car?"
    The officer nodded. "That is correct. That's his car and this is his wallet but Marron aint no where to be seen." She answered.
    "Shit." Skool said. "This is bad. This is real bad."
    Skool reached his hand out and took the leather wallet from the officer and confirmed it did belong to Micky Marron that ran against his brother in the last elections. He lost by a few votes and there had been an uproar in the family that had choosen to side with him. Most of the Marron family had sided with his older democratic brother and made a point of sharing their disgust at any family member who sided with Marron on any evening news. When Marron lost the election and had conceded without request for a recount he had decided that he will run again in six years. In the meantime he had been offered a job with a newly established recording company in New York City. The whole Marron story was sorted and difficult and now to add a possible homicide.
    "What the fuck was he doing here anyway? What the hell was he doing in our state? In our little town?" Skool snapped. He was directing his anger at no one and only thought of the continued negative publicity Canyon City would have and the added pressure on the police department.
    Melford laughed rocking back and forth on his rubber soled feet. His eyes were cast down on the Mercedez.
    "What the hell is so funny?" Skool snapped, "this guy is a polition from a big politial family and his car is buried in a field right outside the house where a mass homicide took place. You know what that means Melford? Huh? Damn it. It means we have to work triple overtime for weeks and weeks with the news down our backs like cockroaches. A missing polition. Can't get any better than that."

    Melford continued to laugh. "No, no." Melford began waving his hand, "I was laughing because I never hear you swear and its nice to hear you let it rip."
    Skool looked at him frowning. "Asshole," he uttered.
    More news vans pulled up from neighboring cities. Cameras were held up high above the vans by a pole and aimed downward at the body on the front steps. News reporters were crowding around the yellow tape line with bright flashing lights aimed at the new house.
    "Excuse me?" one female reporter cried out as Skool and Melford walked past the reporters back towards the house. She was dressed neatly in a navy suit and her hair was coiffed up in a twist. She stuck the microphone out as the men past her, "yes please? Can you tell us how many more bodies are inside the house? What was it you were looking at out in the woods over there? Is there anything at all you can share with the public about this?"
    Skool ignored the woman and continued to walk to the house.
    "We cannot say anything at this time." Melford said and followed Skool back up the concrete steps.
    "You know, I am begining to think mother was right," Melford began. "She always wanted me to be a dentist and sometimes I wish I had."
    Skool stood still beside the body. Up above helicopters had flown around in circles. One belonged to the police department and one was a news station.
    "Jeeze," Skool sighed. "I was suppose to go on vacation next week. That isn't going to happen. Florida was sounding so good too."
    Melford tapped Skool on the shoulder. "You were suppose to go to your ex wife's second marriage today too. Shouldn't have turned it down. You could be sitting in the aisle of the church - "
    "We're fucked you know that right?" Skool interupted Melford. He brought the focus back to the homicides.
    Melford paused and nodded.
    Skool opened the door to the house and stepped inside with Melford closly behind him.
    "You still got that extra hazzelnut coffee?"
    Melford nodded.
    "Good. Suddenly hazzelnut sounds good."

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