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    I seem to have a mental block.

    Discussion in 'General Writing' started by Sileas, Mar 7, 2016.

    I was talking to my sister today, who also writes, and told her that while I write because < excited jumping-up-and-down lil kid > "I have this neat story to tell!", I don't think I could ever post my writing, at least not original characters, anywhere because I have this weird feeling that it'll no longer be mine. It kinda feels like I'll never be able to go back and read it, or the characters will be gone in my head once I let others read it. Like I'm giving it away. I'm not talking about people taking my ideas or plagiarism. I mean once someone Out There has read it, it's now gone from me, the people and the events aren't mine anymore.

    I don't want to give my writing/stories/characters away. Again, not talking about publishing--I have no interest in publishing. I just write for my own fun. I mean somehow it'll all be over when other people read it.

    Am I just a lone weird dork? I would love other people to read my writing, but I don't want other people to read it because ....it'll be gone then. Should I go see a shrink?
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    I can't say I've ever felt that way. I can only tell you that my characters are always mine. I'm actually reading my first published novel on my Kindle right now as inspiration for my next project. Its been published and sold electronically and yet I still read it with wonder and adoration for my characters. Characters are really like friends you can depend on--they will always be there for you. The best part is they never change! You can revisit them ten years later and they will still be the same person(s).

    I think your fear is unfounded. If you write well you'll probably find yourself in awe of how good your work is when you read it again...and again.

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