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    Feb 26, 2016
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    I stand in stores. I run in circles. I write on cardboard. How goes it? :D

    Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by PBNJDraftNumbA, Feb 27, 2016.

    To all of you:
    Thank you for your future insight.

    Let me explain my strange username. I wanted to put something related to writing. I wanted something that says, "I am unfinished progress." I was going to put "Draft Number 1," but I then remembered all of the times when someone slips and says "Number A" or "Letter 1." This is funny to me. Therefore, I ran with "Number A." However, there is more to its meaning. You see, I chose my current username as part of intention and eventual irony. "PBNJDraftNumbA" is actually my second username here. (Keep reading. :) )

    I created a fake email that no one on any planet possesses. I felt confident and nervous, all at once. I was about to venture into online writing. Eventually, I clicked "Submit" and was ready to write.
    Only, there was a doomsday scenario unfolding. I had to sign in to confirm the fake email, something I could not do.

    Immediately after my first-impression-FAIL, I took the more transparent route of using my actual email. Surprise; it worked! But this time I had to create a DIFFERENT username, as the system thought someone else already had chosen it. (In fact, it was my fake email that caused this. It was my fault.) I echo those few words of wisdom: "My bad."

    Thankfully, I do get a chance to be part of this writing experience. While I do not like my final username, or the previous dead-end decision, I do like that two self-imposed requirements, "Be different" and "Include a pun," are involved in the final passerby product.

    To put a cap in this, in my mind, I am "Draft Number A." The "PBNJ" is to remind me of the associated real email :). The funny thing is, my account name is actually the second "draft." My unintended ordeal is a micro-mirror to my life, a lesson that's learned. Embarrassed? Yes. But I am also grateful. This site is already a light that helps me see where to improve... in my writing and life.

    "Spinning wheels, not starting well" by PBNJDraftNumbA

    Yikes, bikes!
    I spin a lie, before I try?
    How can I walk with Honesty,
    If she has a hard time trusting me?
    Well, I hope to change gears.
    And alter course. I aim to grow, and not to curse.
    But until I do, I ask of you, forgive my poor attempt and choice.

    Last note on this post: My original username was "DraftNumA."
    I chose it without the "b" to remind me of the "Num" key... and because "Numa" is a computer term for Non-Uniform Memory Access (according to Wikipedia). And nothing better r elates to my cognitive process. :p And that's why my name is PBNJNumbA.

    Thanks in advance for the welcome! --#A
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    Welcome to the forum! :) Wow, quite an adventure you've had there with the username! :D That was an entertaining story, although I can imagine the frustration as well...

    Anyway, here's our New Member Quick Start to get you started. See you around!

  3. Oscar Leigh

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    Jan 21, 2016
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    Inner West Sydney, Australia
    I think I'm going to like you. I like weird people, and you seem like a very entertaining kind of weird. :):)

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