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    Idea Journal

    Discussion in 'General Writing' started by theoriginalmonsterman, Jun 20, 2016.

    I came up with this neat idea probably a week ago, and so far it has been working well for me even though I wish I could fill it up with more content.

    Essentially what the Idea Journal is just some sort of notebook that you can write in, and have handy whenever, wherever.

    I realized awhile ago that good ideas tend to just magically appear in your mind at random, and so I figured that the best way to capture these ideas before I forget about them is just scribble down a note with the idea in the journal then once filling up the notebook I would take all the ideas I came up with and organize it on Microsoft Word or Google Docs.

    I realize this isn't the most original idea, and I'm already sure a lot of other writers do this, but I figured I'd mention it to you guys since it is a helpful way to help develop your story. Also it keeps ideas for your story safe since it always drives me insane when I have a really good idea for my story, but I'll forget it after a day.

    One thing though is it's really easy to misplace your journal, so keep it somewhere obvious. I keep my on my computer desk, so it's very unlikely for me to lose it. Also since it's summer (well at least for me) you can take the journal practically anywhere you go, so you can grab a pencil and keep working on ideas anywhere such as the beach.

    Let me know what you guys think. I figured it could be fairly helpful.
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    I do find a notebook invaluable because I get ideas either when I am researching or doing something mundane like the washing up. I also get ideas whilst I'm driving and going to sleep, both of these instances can be annoying because I can't get my notepad out whilst driving and I will disturb my husband if I put the light on to jot anything down. I now keep my iPhone by my bed and email myself in the dark, I tried to keep a dictaphone in the car but it wasn't easy enough to switch on and start recording whilst driving. When I had a career I used to email myself ideas on my phone when in work, people just think you are sending a text or a work email and don't bother you or get nosy about what you are doing. I much prefer a nice notepad and paper to my phone but it can be another useful tool all the same.
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    I have notepads everywhere for writing down those wonderful magical moments when some wonderful piece of writing flows through your mind and you know that you will forget it seconds later when you get to the pen and paper. I have even been known to get out of the bath dripping wet and wrapped only in a towel and walk downstairs to write a few lines. Why does it always happen when you are indisposed?

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