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    Ideas on Labyrinth Short Story/Poem

    Discussion in 'Short Stories' started by liza315, Dec 2, 2018.

    So I recently read "The Garden of Forking Paths" by Jorge Luis Borges, and was inspired to write a short story/poem that is a labyrinth. However, I'm not sure how. The short story discusses the idea of creating a labyrinth in story form. Borges did this by describing a book where the character simultaneously chooses all options on his adventure, so there are places where he is alive and dead at the same time (pretty similar to the multiverse theory). I disagreed with this method of creating a labyrinth using a book because you don't really get lost, just split from different realities like the branches of a tree. I've also thought of creating a story that ends at the beginning of the story, like a continuous loop, but again, you don't really get lost. I also considered writing a poem where the lines are all out of order, but it just came across as random and confusing, and not something anyone could solve. I was hoping to get some ideas here...any thoughts?

    Thanks a bunch!

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