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    I'm Haunted by Writing Inconsistency

    Discussion in 'General Writing' started by LexStorm, Oct 1, 2020.

    I get a feeling (or a worry mostly) that my writing is inconsistent at times. Depending on my mood, what show/anime I watched, what's currently happened in my life, are all things that might find their way into my writing whether I notice it or not. What sucks about that when you're working on a novel the last thing you need is for your writing style to change midway through cause you saw a show or read a book that really impacted you. I remember my first crack at a book my MC went from having a greatsword, to half a longsword, to having only one arm cause I was watching different kinds of anime and kept changing how I wanted my MC to fight (granted I was pretty young when I wrote).

    While it's nowhere near as bad as back then it still makes writing difficult for me. Cause I have to worry if I'm staying consistent with the way I was yesterday or the day before. Did that show or book I read recently change my perspective? Do I have to refresh myself? What if I'm not feeling it and my writing turns out way worse than before? It bugs the hell out of me, even more so when I see stories that suffer from this exact problem.

    Anyone else feel like this?
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    Writing is a muscle — regardless of the type of writing. Some days it will be sore. Some days it will exceed your expectations. This is part of being human, and the reasons why editing is so important.
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    Then don't be inconsistent. That only comes through practice and developing your own personal style. There is nothing in writing that isn't extremely hard work and to be successful, you need to have the dedication and the determination to do it well. You need to spend your time learning and you only learn through hard work. There are no shortcuts. You just have to sit your butt down and write.
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    And learn discipline. Don't go chasing after every new thing that takes your fancy.
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    I am so much this way! A lot of my writing is dependent on my mood. These days I'm a bit more careful and if I don't feel I'm going to be productive at writing, I take a day . . . or two . . or five.
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    I get that too, usually I get it out of my system by writing short forms
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    I can get easily inspired sometimes and I worry about the inspiration making my writing what you described but honestly the inspiration I get from an interesting article or movie blurb never really cements itself to the point of me changing the plan that I had already started with whatever project I'm working on.

    I think it just comes down to having a stronger vision for your story and faith in your vision. Have something you want to say. And the other stuff won't change it just inspire you to get started.

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