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    'Implicit' and 'subtle' Writing

    Discussion in 'Word Mechanics' started by Azurisy, Feb 7, 2014.


    In writing novels, I would love to use implicit and subtle language. I want to challenge the reader to think hard or be sensitive and take a lot of clues to understand its meaning.

    What is it called when the writer crafts and makes it cryptic to read, and carefully controls the tone and information? Is there such a term that names this writing style?

    This would be the opposite to writing it superfluously. It would also mean writing concisely and using simplest words possible.

    Do you know any novels and authors that follow this writing convention? I know that poems do that.

    I want to craft novels and control information, vary the tone and sentences that will lead the reader to draw a lot of inferences, use imagination and think abstractly.

    It doesn't have to be detective or mystery, as I want to write historical fiction and fantasy.

    Perhaps, in writing novels, one has to add realism in order to make it thought provocative. Perhaps, the writer may omit essential details, and alter descriptions so that things are indirectly stated.


    1. Night Time

    Explicit Style
    It was dark, somewhere on a street...

    Implicit Style
    The moths were seen scurrying about a street lamp, casting intermittent oblique shadows onto the sidewalk in the midst of haze, dust and ambience.

    2. A Melancholy Veteran

    Explicit Style
    A brown-coated old man was crossing the road. One could see the honorary tags on his breast pocket, each glimmering in hues of silver, gold and bronze. When he sat on a bench the other side, he was irritated to see another man already seated, who greeted, 'How are you doing, fellow?'

    'Nothing is glorified and honoured without one's sacrifice and shootings!' The old man answered.

    Both cleared a bit of the bench, to make themselves comfortable with each other.

    Implicit Style
    A brown coated figure was seen staggering on a crossing, a stick in one hand, and a branch. A police car came and parked here.

    'Do you happen to see this guy?' The photo showed a black bearded man, a slightly veiled smile of dazzling teeth and scarlet lips, and teal eyes.

    'What about him?'

    'He's one of the terrorists from Isugharans (imaginary country) and an illegal settler in our country.'

    'Impossible. Isugharans rising after a decade! No one else would dare to desaturate my valour in conscription!'

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    Ralph's side of the island.
    I like your examples on both sides of your divide.

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