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    In-Character interviews

    Discussion in 'Character Development' started by J.E. Kirkland, Mar 6, 2017.

    I thought of a interesting question earlier to help me understand some of my characters better. I also thought it would be fun to share that question and invite others to throw questions and answers out there. I don't know about y'all but I can certainly get to know my characters better.

    So basically just answer as your character(s) and feel free to post other questions!

    What do you consider to be the greatest, and the worst, invention created before or during your lifetime?

    Milena: GPS is definitely the best thing ever. Somehow while traveling during my youth I never managed to learn to read a map. My least favorite invention is the telephone. It never stops ringing, and I hardly know anyone!
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    Rosemarie (12 years of age, 1792): A hot air balloon. If I could one day look down at Paris the way a bird does, like a feather I'd float as faraway as the wind would carry me. I worked for two months in a factory that made dolls. From morning to dusk, putting heads on dollies, it's all I did. Just yesterday 16 poor souls met their end in less time than it takes to answer your questions. They say it's more efficient, and merciful, but I'd rather hang than meet Madame Guillotine.
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    Dawn sits down followed shortly behind by Naz. "Oooh, I like this game.", she exclaims.
    Naz takes her seat, "Meh, I'd rather be out in the woods."
    "Oh Naz, stop being a party-pooper and have a little fun for once!" Dawn whines.
    Naz rolls her eyes. "Ugh, Fine."

    Dawn: "Okay for me, the best invention for me would be of course my handy dandy smartphone! Naz?"
    Naz: "Uh..., for me, I guess it would be..." snaps her fingers. "Our tree!"
    Dawn: "Naz, that's cheating!"
    Naz: "What? It was created right? Everything in life had a beginning right?"
    Dawn: "Naz, that's not the question."
    Naz: "Sorry, that's my answer and I'm sticking to it."

    Dawn huffs "Fine, but you don't get a pass on the second part of the question. Which for me would be... I'd say, too much homework?"
    Naz grins, "Now whose cheating?"
    Dawn: "Well I don't have anything really! I think everything has their pluses and minuses!"
    Naz: For me, I'd say the telescope.
    Dawn stares at Naz for a moment in disbelief, "Really? That's a bit odd coming from you. You love astronomy".
    Naz: "Yeah well, if it wasn't for the telescope, then maybe everything wouldn't have happened."
    Dawn: "Naz, things would have happened if we had observed it or not."
    Naz: Yeah... maybe."

    Dawn: "Okay so now we need to come up with a question for the next person."
    Naz laughes, "How about if you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?"
    Dawn giggles in return.
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    Greater London, England
    Dragomir sits back in his seat, "Best invention huh?" he murmurs, long thoughtful, "I was very young when it happened, but probably the light bulb, it doesn't sound like much, but the switch from flames to electricity is probably one of the greatest developments in the safety of the home. As for the worst..." He pauses thoughtfully, "I have to say it's a toss up between social media and the modern firearm. The earlier because I swear humanity's collective IQ had dropped as a result of it and the modern firearm because, aside from firearms in general being noisy and honourless contraptions, I've seen children dragged into combat because they need so little training to use, and that's when they were deliberate."

    Pausing again, he looked thoughtful, leaning back in his seat and looking up at the ceiling, "That would depend on whether or not that was restricted by space and time, if not, I would love a chance to see my ancestor's home village, which is no doubt lost to the sands of time. If so, I wouldn't say no to a chance to walk the streets of Pompeii. Why? I appreciate accident architecture."

    "A question to the next person? What is your favourite childhood memory?"

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