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    In memory of political prisoners

    Discussion in 'Debate Room' started by matwoolf, Feb 12, 2019.

    I do believe that for some posters this would be a dangerous thread for their contributions. As we say to boxers 'protect yourself at all times.'

    In some notional country, and all facts are disputed, the king signed an edict, a death sentence for all political prisoners.

    The prisoners were taken in batches of six and strung from a crane. Investigators still have no handle on the death toll. It may be 3000, it may be 30 000. Before execution there was one chance at life. Before a tribunal the men, and later the women, were posed a series of questions. I have replicated a fairly exact approximation of these questions. I have changed only the context.

    • Are you a Christian?'
    • 'Do you believe in God?'
    • 'Is the Bible the word of God?'
    • 'Do you believe in Heaven and Hell?'
    • 'Do you accept the Lord Jesus Christ as the Son of God?'
    • 'Will you publicly recant historical materialism?'
    • 'Will you denounce your former beliefs before the cameras?'
    • 'Do you observe Lent?'
    • 'Do you pray and read the Bible?'
    • 'Would you rather share a cell with a Christian or a non-Christian?'
    • 'Will you sign an affidavit that you believe in God, Jesus, the Holy Bible, and the Resurrection?'
    • 'When you were growing up, did your father pray, take you to church, and read the Holy Bible?'
    A 'wrong' response to any one of the questions posed and the prisoner was removed and taken outside for his execution.

    Except one question was curious. It is the last question and it is a 'trick' question. One survivor attempted in his desperation to share this 'fact' in morse tapped from his cell through the prison wall. We can imagine the horror, the situation.

    The story lingered in my mind during the week after elements were discussed on a R4 documentary. Facts are available on the web if you care to research.

    All the best.
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