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    Indecisive on where to take the plot?...

    Discussion in 'Plot Development' started by PoohBear, Feb 4, 2015.

    Hello fellow aspiring writers!
    So around two years ago I started writing my first novel. When I say writing I mean more playing around with too many different ideas and rewriting the plot a trillion times so that it has almost changed completely. I am now in a place where I am happy with my few main characters and with the antagonist and the basic plot, but really nobody else has seen it and I admit I am biased.

    So in a very small nutshell (I doubt I'll fit this all in),
    Beginning of story: set in Queensland, Australia 1824
    Protaganist: Isabelle Evangeline Austen (I love naming, 'Kay!?) 18yr

    It starts off with the main character and her father and two younger brothers. Mother died five years previous. She is going through hard times and a good friend of hers (male, name: Alfred Patterson) had disappeared three weeks before her mothers death. On the anniversary of his disappearance she 'changes' and discovers that she and all her family are not human but a types of mermaid/man ( I have called them Lesuria) that were almost completely wiped out by the Khazukhan Wolf generations ago.

    Her family sail to Lands unknown to mankind called Unithelion where all magical and mythical creatures live. She discovers that a dark and evil force of Khazukhan Wolves led by their Emperor Kaxak (the most evil and wretched being in existence) threatens to dominate the world. She begins training to be a soldier and also discovers her powers of ice (being of a small sub species of Lesuria called Angels). She travels in a pod back to human earth where they lure ships of Khazukhan Wolfs into rocky bays and kill them. She is captured by a colony of wolves on an island and is taken away to the general. On the long trek she recognises one wolf to be her old friend (Alfred) and tries speaking with him but he doesn't recognise her (wolf venom). A week passes and She is still captured but while captured she sings a lullaby her father sang to both her and Alfred which causes him to remember her.

    They escape together to a neighbouring Island where Alfred tells his tale. They are rescued and returned to shore. My plan is to have Belle (nickname) fighting an internal battle about her feelings for Alfred.
    I hope against hope to make this a trilogy, I just have too many ideas to fit into one book- I haven't gone into great detail here but I have written so many notes about pretty much everything.
    But this is only the first book, and the only one I have planned fully. The other two are a bit sketchy but I have a general plan and a definite ending. My only problem is that it's all very anti-climatic at the end. I plan on making them run into some trouble escaping and incorporate some fight scenes in. Any tips or advice is appreciated!
    Many thanks and sorry for all that text!
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    Have you actually started writing? If not then start. You have enough to dive into it and everything else will become clear as you write. Don't worry about a trilogy until you've finished the first draft.
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