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    Inheritance Law USA/New York

    Discussion in 'Research' started by AHewlett, May 22, 2016.

    Hi everyone

    I need a bit of information on inheritance law in the USA, specifically New York.

    The reason for it is in my story the main character is a secret heiress to her family's wealth and business. Basically, the family came over from Ireland and started all these random businesses before creating an advertising business that would eventually grow, go across the world and be very successful, etc.

    The first member of the family to create a business said in his will that when he dies, the business will go to his son, and then his son after that and son after that, etc. But my character's father obviously had a girl and so screwed up this plan.

    The main character's grandfather knowing he hasn't got long to live decides that he feels that his son doesn't deserve the company and with his lawyers, makes his granddaughter the heiress to the company at age 10 and it will come into effect when she's 21. She has been told all this on her 16th birthday.

    However, shareholders in the company want a young man to take over but in the will/contract/whichever, it states that it has to be a member of this family and no one else. They obviously don't know about the girl but obviously when they do, they'll want to try anything to get her off the podium as it were.

    I just wanted to know how would the law come into it, would they agree to such a thing, would it hold up if it ever went to court, could shareholders do anything to change the will/contract/whichever.

    Thanks very much!

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