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    Inserting page breaks in Scrivener? (Windows version)

    Discussion in 'Software' started by SMScoles, Mar 26, 2016.

    Is it possible to insert page breaks in the editor as you write? I can only find a tutorial to do it on the Mac version and the instructions do not seem to apply to the Windows version. And I could not find the topic on this forum, I swear I looked!

    I'm fairly new to using this program and I've had to do a few things where the page count was actually important and while I could check it through the print function, there must be a better way. Like having it actually show page breaks as you write like I seem to remember it does in Word.

    I'm just not finding it if it exists. Thanks for any help!
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    I haven't found that feature in the Windows version, though it might be there. I start a new scene when there would be a page break, so that when it compiles it comes out right. I also export the final product and go through it in MSWord to tweak any formatting that needs to be tweaked. If someone knows how to insert a page break in the Windows version, I'd be interested in knowing it as well, though I'll probably just continue setting up the different sections as scenes.
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    You can find the option to insert a page break under Edit>Insert>Page Break. The shortcut is supposedly Ctrl+G, but I haven't been able to get it to work with that. Still, going through a few menus is a small price to pay.

    And yes, I know this is a somewhat old thread, but I thought I'd give an answer for anyone else who gets here through Google like I did.
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    Just to point out the difference between Scrivener and, say, Word: I would not insert page breaks manually in the Scrivener editor for most of continuous long-form text documents. While you can do it, I do not see the need, and I think there are more elegant ways.

    In the project statistics, Scrivener gives you a page count, as well as word, paragraph, sentences, etc. count. There are actually two page counts, one for 'paperback' and 'printed', for two different formattings. The page count is just an estimate, since you normally would compile multiple documents into one big final document at the end, and you would do formatting during this compiling that would change the page count. But you can use this statistics to orient yourself to get close to where you need to be. I would then tweak the page count with the compile settings at the end, if I were required to produce a certain number of pages.

    You can do formatting during writing, of course. But there's always that 'compile' that does overwrite some or all of the formatting you do in the editor. But as long as the type of project strongly requires it (two examples I can think of are poetry and cookbooks), I wouldn't.

    In Word, a lot of people do insert page breaks to keep the document just looking the way they want. It's a bad habit there as well, and Word is actually not set up well to work with it. You shouldn't do it. For long-form text, you should strictly distinguish between writing, and formatting just at the end. Scrivener is set up with this workflow in mind.

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