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    Inserting page breaks in Scrivener? (Windows version)

    Discussion in 'Software' started by SMScoles, Mar 26, 2016.

    Is it possible to insert page breaks in the editor as you write? I can only find a tutorial to do it on the Mac version and the instructions do not seem to apply to the Windows version. And I could not find the topic on this forum, I swear I looked!

    I'm fairly new to using this program and I've had to do a few things where the page count was actually important and while I could check it through the print function, there must be a better way. Like having it actually show page breaks as you write like I seem to remember it does in Word.

    I'm just not finding it if it exists. Thanks for any help!
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    I haven't found that feature in the Windows version, though it might be there. I start a new scene when there would be a page break, so that when it compiles it comes out right. I also export the final product and go through it in MSWord to tweak any formatting that needs to be tweaked. If someone knows how to insert a page break in the Windows version, I'd be interested in knowing it as well, though I'll probably just continue setting up the different sections as scenes.

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