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    Intellectual Property Stolen

    Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by wellthatsnice, Jun 9, 2015.

    So this really sucks. For years as a fun little side project a buddy and i have worked together to write, film, and produce our own comedy shorts. Our videos tend to range between 30-40k views and 250-300k views depending on how topical the theme is and if we get picked up by some blogs.

    Well today we discovered that a site is ripping our video's, uploading them on Facebook (because facebook does not check for copyrighted material) and has been generating 10's of millions of view on our video's. Based on views and youtube payouts, had they used our links rather than ripping our video off we likely would have seen about $80-100k in you tube rev Share....instead we get nothing. this also cost us between 60-70k subscribers that would have helped us push our channel to another level (which i actually care about more than the money). While eventually we will legally get everything taken down, it just sucks to see somebody take over something that you made and take total and absolute credit for it.

    Man i hate people some times.

    Rant Over - Sorry about that
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    That does suck. Send takedown notices to Facebook and YouTube. With thise damages maybe you can get someone to take it on contingency, particularly if you registered the copyrights.

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