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    Interesting Curio/Devonthink trick

    Discussion in 'Writing Software and Hardware' started by Amontillado, Jun 1, 2022.

    I discovered something cool yesterday. Mac-only, I should add.

    If I click and option-drag a Markdown or RTF document out of Devonthink and drop it in Curio, I get the option of making it a file-backed text block.

    That means it will appear in Curio as editable text, using the source file which is in Devonthink.

    Devonthink is fine with external editors modifying documents, as is Curio - edit in either place, both show the update.

    You can even move the source document to a different group (folder) in Devonthink without breaking Curio's link to it, and you can also safely edit the Devonthink file from Curio without opening Devonthink. You can put the Devonthink file in multiple places in Curio.

    Curio can be a front end corkboard for Devonthink. It can be the wall upon which I throw my drivel to see what sticks.

    Devonthink is far more powerful as a Zettelkasten than Curio. Curio presents very polished presentations with near zero effort.

    Win-win. Very happy with some of Curio's recent updates.

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