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    Interesting video for Medieval exercising

    Discussion in 'Research' started by CMastah, Mar 22, 2014.

    I'm kind of on the lookout for exercise videos on the middle ages but thought I'd share:

    It's actually kind of interesting and the point that stood out for me was the guy in armor on his back, talking about how hard training was.

    Any other tips?

    EDIT: Actually, I'm going to go ahead and link this as well:


    Fascinating discussion on the subject.
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    As mentioned in the linked forum, the military classes began training in early childhood. They also had not of the modern conveniences, so there was a lot more carrying, walking, and running to do. It was still hard, but not as hard as it would be for a modern person. When combat is part of your life and you face actual deadly combat at any time, physical preparation becomes much more than exercise. It is just something you have to do if you wish to live.

    People of that era also live with a lot more pain than we normally do. Body aches, bruises, sprains, infections, are all just to be expected. The "treatments" were often worse.

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