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    Internship Ideas

    Discussion in 'General Writing' started by Ryan.Sh6w, Jun 23, 2011.

    So... I'm currently a summer intern in Washington D.C. And I was thinking the other day (as I was bored at work) about my job, my friends who have had internships, and all the stupidness that sometimes goes along with being expendable free labor. It inspired me to try and write a short script for an internet clip that I would pitch to college humor or the likes about interns.

    I'd like to make it funny, over the top, and showcase as much intern abuse as I possibly can.

    I have two questions I need help with.

    1. How would you suggest framing this little 5 min video? Right now I'm thinking about tying it together like a news report on 60 minutes. A straight faced reporter interviews straight faced employers while interns are shown being abused ridiculously in the background. Would there be a better way, other than a fake news segment to tie seemingly random scenes of intern abuse together?

    2. Do you have any internship horror stories of your own? or can you think of some good ridiculous ways I can depict interns being abused? I have a few over the top ones like...

    interns as office gladiators
    interns as human chairs

    can you think of any other scenarios like this you would like to see?

    cheers guys and thanks for the help.

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