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    Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by rhduke, May 17, 2014.

    First trailer is out. The movie is by Christopher Nolan:

    I love sci-fi movies, especially ones that involve wormholes, time-travel and other planets. This one looks like it's going to give me that warm-hopeful-curiosity of the unknown universe that comes with gazing up at the stars. Last time I felt that way was with "Contact", "2001", "Lost in Space" and "October Sky" (not sci-fi but still has that feeling).

    Sci-fi needs to look more like this. Not garbage stuff like "Apollo 18" or "Europa Report" with not-so-horrifying crabs and spooky lens flares. I want to see the risk, passion and determination of humans exploring the depths of space. Not pseudo-horror movies that end up going no where and have their entire cast die because of stupidity.

    Anyway. I'm not a big fan of McConaughey, but I'll make an exception because I like the premise of the movie.

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