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    Interview preperation: The surprising force,

    Discussion in 'Writing Prompts' started by Rob40, Apr 22, 2016.

    Nearly a month ago I received an invitation to interview for that one life-changing job I've been working toward my whole career. (No, it's not a writing or professional office job.) Through general industry knowledge, and an industry preparation company, I know there will be several questions along the same lines.

    "Tell me about a time......"

    Each answer has to have details they are looking for but also aren't going to flush myself down the tubes unknowingly with hidden anti-anything or negative tones or defensiveness. This forces some serious thought for the HR panel meeting. Also, I have found a surprise in preparation:

    To accomplish this, I've been writing flash-memoirs in 500 words or less.

    Stripping everything negative out; reduce the fluff and eliminate; emphasize the positive and wherever possible, do NOT be the awesome person, be the most beneficial helping soul to the whole company. Everything must emphasize what the job and the company is about at it's core throughout the stories. Situation-action-result + truth and gratefulness.

    It's been an interesting few weeks digging deep into the last twenty years to pull out those few beneficial stories that can show beneficial conflict resolution across multiple areas of questioning. I'm learning where to replace and enhance or cut and gloss over to guide the feel of a story to the good or to the bad.

    Don't dread the experience. Use it to your advantage.
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