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    Iron Man

    Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by DrWhozit, Dec 22, 2013.

    This comic was likely the first superhero comic I enjoyed. Spiderman was likely second in line, but the setting surrounding Iron man was believable. It wasn't perfect. When I picked up that original 1st issue (wish I had that now), I was a 10 year old kid assembling Heathkits and studying electronics, bread-boarding oscillators and amplifiers, etcetera. I even received a reply from Stan Lee in response to a letter I'd sent concerning some minor technical flaws in Iron man's technical patter. Short it was. A one line thanks for the reference, but it was signed by Lee (wish I still had THAT).

    The point is the contrast between Iron Man and Superman was like night and day. Marvel Comics artwork was far more dynamic, proportional and captivating than DC Comics. Iron man satisfied plausibility. Superman fell into the stack even beneath Archie and Jughead.

    Now, Iron Man has been brought to the screen. The science is more up-to-date, yet believable. Spiderman? Another plausible work, though not quite rivaling the Golden Avenger. Thor? Superman? Green Lantern? Just not my cup of tea. As a movie, Batman probably ranks up near plausibility, but the comic version was boring.

    When it comes to literature, illustrated or not, I want something that I don't find myself suddenly snorting as I pop my eyes open to find I've marked the page where I left off with a puddle of drool. If I have to choose between reading Zane Grey or Switchmode Power Supply Handbook, I'll choose the latter even if I've read it three times cover to cover already. God knows, I'd stomach through reading The Bible (NIV) a 3rd time, cover to cover, before I'd pick up a new Star Wars novel.
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    Stan Lee has been quoted as saying that he tried to make his characters relatable (Spell check keeps saying relatable isn't a word :confused:)to the normal person and give them every day problems on purpose. He was one of the first creators to do this type of thing, and it obviously worked out well.

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