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    Is it ok to hire a ghostwriter?

    Discussion in 'General Writing' started by mayur1987, Jun 18, 2010.

    I have created a detailed plot with characters and wrote a detailed story from start to finish. It's rough, i just wrote whatever i had in my mind. It is like about 3 to 4 MS Word pages and if you read it, it will make clear sense.

    But its just that i am finding it difficult to write it to make it a good story/book. English is not my native language and i don't have skills to write a book with good grammar, framing and all those things needed in a book.

    I keep trying hard by searching online on how to write stories. I know about narrative modes and other things needed but i just keep getting lost after starting. I even started with a search for story telling for small kids.

    I find it hard even to start a story. The only starting i know is "Once upon a time....." or "Long long ..... far away from......" well, i know that's dumb because it cannot be used in all other kinds of stories.

    So if i hire a ghostwriter will it work?
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    I'm not sure why you'd want to do this. You'd have to pay a ghostwriter a big bag of money (hundreds and hundreds of hours of work, I'd guess), and unless you have a substantial guaranteed publishing contract, you can't count on getting any of that money back.
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    I'd steer clear of getting a ghost writer; they might rip you off big time.
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    Hi Mayur,

    Judging from what you have written here, I think you have a good English command. Seems like you just don't know the mechanics of writing a short story. Well, I have good news for you! The mechanics of writing a story can be learned. Any good university offers 'creative writing' course. You are in Pune which is an educational centre, you can easily find a college which offers such a course there. It will be much much cheaper and useful to you(if you want to be a writer) than hiring a ghost writer. Also there are online classes too if you prefer. The classes are usually for a few months.

    Ghost writer is useful if you don't intent to become a professional writer and just want to write your autobiography or something like that.
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    If you like writing, and storytelling in general, I would say that you should write it because it's your story. It seems to me like you just need more practice. Besides, from the sounds of it this would be particularly pricey if you were going to hire anyone who really knows what they're doing. Set yourself a goal. Aim to be the one to write that story. All it takes is practice, dedication, and of course, passion. Don't give up :)
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    You say English ins't your native language, well why don't you write it in the language you are most fluent in? Chances are if you try to write a novel in English, but do not personally feel confident enough to do so, it will show and the story will suffer. If you're willing to take the chance with a ghostwriter, then writing the story in your first language and having it translated into English wouldn't be much worse.

    Then again, I would imagine none of this is cheap.

    The only other idea I can think of is to have a friend you trust write it while you narrate. A friend of mine did this for his mom, who always wanted to write a story but was blind and for whatever reason never tried to do it herself. Granted, she knew she could trust her son. I don't know if you have anyone that close to you who is a writer and capable.

    Whatever you choose, I wish you the best of luck.
  7. Corbyn

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    Aside from taking a creative writing course (which I highly recommend as long as it's focus is on short stories) there are good online tools that you can use to help you with all the different aspects of writing a short story. In my creative writing class one of the largest problems I had was worrying too much that I might write well too much... In fact that problem was the opposite for my Professor.. the more I wrote the more they wanted...

    Also.. there are multiple people here who are more than willing to be a testing board for your story so to speak.... Let others read your work that way you know where you need to go with it.

    You should also set goals for yourself. My main goal after my course was to actually write a short story through with a full beginning, middle and end. In other words.. no cliff noted stories...
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    first of all, as i've been an occasional ghostwriter [for pay in my old life and now for free], i have to point out that no one can say it's ok, or not, but you!

    that is, there's no law agin' it and folks who can't write have been paying ghostwriters to do it for them just about forever... i'll bet some of those cave paintings were even done for a haunch of mammoth, or a week's supply of nuts 'n berries...

    so of course it's ok, if it's ok for you and you can handle the fee, which for a good one can be as much as $50k!... and with no guarantee you'll ever be able to sell it, no less!

    which is why it's almost always done only for autobiographies and memoirs of folks who're known to the nosy public, so the book has a good chance of earning back the fee...

    for fiction, it would be a waste of money you most likely don't have to spare... thus, to answer your question:
    ...i'd have to say 'sorry, not a chance!'... for fiction it only works for well-established writers who franchise themselves and pimp their story ideas out to workers in their writer-ant farms who get paid, but don't usually get to see their names on the books they churn out...

    ...i never recommend using a friend, unless you have a collaboration contract/agreement in place first... it's the best way to lose both a friend and your claim to the story...

    sorry i didn't have better news for you, but them's the facts o' life in the writing world, kiddo... love and consoling hugs, maia
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    I can't recommend it because writing is such a personal thing and ghost writers can destroy intimate connection with characters that plot outlines rarely can create. Besides, unless you're a big name, I don't know if it's a good idea to hire a ghost writer, unless maybe it's somebody you know and trust and can work with. But still, I'd advise trying to write it on your own if you can.

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