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    Is it possible to intertwine two different sub genres into a single story, like in this outline?

    Discussion in 'Plot Development' started by Oldmanofthemountain, Nov 23, 2021.

    Is it possible to combine two very different different sub genres, like the one described in this outline, in a single story? If not, what are the major issues with it that make unworkable? Is there any way that could make such a such a concept more compatible to a published story?


    Plot A: A couple in their early thirties and their three children have moved into a remote house in the countryside. Little do they know, the house is haunted by a malevolent ghostly woman. To replace a family that she lost so many years ago, the entity wants to abduct the children. Now the couple must find a way to protect their children and expel the apparition, before it’s too late.

    Plot B: A teenage boy and his father have traveled out in some remote forest to hunt and camp for the weekend. While hunting, the pair have found themselves hunted by a mysterious, shapeshifting creature. The creature has attacked and killed the father, forcing the son to flee further into the woods. To make matters worse, the creature has destroyed their vehicle and there is no one else around for several dozen miles of wilderness. Thus forcing the boy to deal with a creature hellbent on killing him on his own, with only a shotgun and a few shells for protection. His only hope for survival is his sister's house, located in the far fringes of the forest.

    How the plots are connected: The protagonist of Plot B is the much younger brother of the wife/mother in plot A. He is trying to reach their house for safety, totally unaware of the couple’s own paranormal ordeal.

    Additionally, the creature of Plot B is responsible for the haunting of Plot A. It had killed the ghost woman’s family, and sealed her spirit into her house. Which prevented her from reuniting with her family in the afterlife. Thus leaving her to haunt the home for many years to come.
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    I think it's fine to combine the two. You just need to have a brief synopsis for one character then the other one and then you make a brief statement about how the story is about the interplay of the two. Pretty much the exact structure that you have used to explain the story.
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