Is my main character a mess?

Discussion in 'Character Development' started by Prettyinpnk, Jan 8, 2018.

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    The impression I get from the description is that you're worried someone might not like your character. As such, you've tried to cover every base and not go too far in any one direction, so she feels very "focus-grouped" and indistinct. She's girly, but not too girly! She's outgoing, but shy! She's inconsiderate but protective! It's a mouthwash and oven cleaner! :)

    I'd suggest cutting down on the laundry list of traits, and try to identify the most important things about her. A lot of the time, those traits can be good and bad--someone who's protective might also be clingy. Someone who's eager to be liked might be excessively self-sacrificing or get angry when they feel unappreciated. Any other traits can be bought up as and when you need them to come up, and if you've got a firm idea of who the character is, they'll probably come naturally when you think "How would she react in this situation?"

    Also, don't worry about hitting "tropes". If you see the character as a tomboy or shy, nice girl, then write them that way and who cares that it's got a TVTropes page? Execution trumps concept every single time.

    There's a saying I try to bear in mind when it comes to creating characters--"if nobody could find you offensive, you don't actually have a personality".
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    She's a person. You provided different facets to her personality here. I think that she is relatable. She strong inwardly however expressing outwardly can be difficult at times. She's not perfect and has room to grow.
    Here read this:
    Dramatic/Feels deeply or has big emotions
    Bitch who won't take shit/Sweet and supportive to other half though maintains self
    Difficult to get to know/Socially awkward
    Seen as judgmental with no bias/Judges based on actions that are observed over a period of time or shorter depending on actions

    There are a ton of flaws and imperfections, but that thing is that these quirks and issues make me unique.
    So while yes written on paper your character seems messy, but to me, she reads as a person.
    The issue I think you are struggling with is finding the balance in how she reacts and comports herself.

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