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    Apr 27, 2016
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    Is my plot too cheesy?

    Discussion in 'Plot Development' started by barebone, Apr 27, 2016.

    Hello! I am currently planning a plot for a Comic I am going to make, and i am bad at deciding over if my plot is too cheesy or not.Because lets face it,breaking up a Story like that almost always makes it Sound cheesy especially fantasy haha.So, the Basic idea is that it is set in a world where humans and magical creatures lived together (but not These stereotypical elves, Minotaurs ecetera, i had other kinds in mind)but by the time the Thing plays humans went extinct.It was kinda like the witch hunts, humans were the only creatures able to 'produce' Magic soo some People were pissed ,and so on and on.Now there s only some Magic existing in objects, but nobody can make new ones.It continues with a grumpy 'soft on the inside' treasure hunter who gets paid by a pretty humanoid looking kid to take him somewhere and well i dont have it all planned out right now but they have to find all kinds of gods and collect things from them which weakened them and the kiddo finds out hes kinda a half god (instead of a human like he expected and wished) and when they have all the pieces they can put em together and some 'Grand god' appears and gives the kid the ability to give other People the ability to produce Magic.
    I also planned some sub-plots and so on (and my characters kinda Sound like Mary sues here but believe me i got that covered).I just wanna know if this is, you know...too cheesy or stereotypical or whatever.
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    Hmm, I don't know if it's cheesy (I'm still trying to work out what I just read) but if the idea fires your imagination, go ahead and write it anyway.
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    I think this is a great story for a comic and it could work. As a great fan of anime and mangas, it reminds me of Shounens where you have that amazing story which is hard to convey with a summary.

    That is a story that I'd be interested in reading if the characters are fleshed out and the magic system is original and stands out from classic fantasy.
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    I'd say it has possibilities. Just be careful not to make things too predictable. Maybe make the 'quest' produce something that wasn't intended by your characters? They both lose and win, or something like that? You might create excellent, complex characters, but your plot can become a Mary Sue, if events happen in a predictible way and the outcome is a bit of a yawn. Don't make things easy for your characters, and don't let the reader figure out the outcome before it happens. Throw a few monkey wrenches into the works.

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