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    Is my story going to be censored?

    Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Simpson17866, Nov 9, 2016.

    I spent 3 years outlining and writing the Doctor Who fanfic in my signature, and the lead Hero Protagonist that I came up with is a Muslim.

    If President Donald Trump were to find out about my story, would he uphold the First Amendment of the United States Constitution, or would he tell the website that my message of a demographic of 1.7 billion men, women, and children across the planet including non-villainous individuals, individuals who believe in morality rather than in cruelty, is Politically Incorrect and should be taken down?
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    The Heaven and Hell in my mind.
    Despite common belief, misquoting, and lack of context, Donald Trump actually doesn't hate Muslims. He isn't a xenophobe. And he wouldn't spend time going out of his way to silence your story. :)

    Now, if your story is perpetuating religious violence, and promoting terrorism, then that's another story. But it isn't. :-D
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    Fairly certain he's not gonna care. That's the beauty of America and other nations with free speech. So long as it doesn't incite hate crimes and/or violence, you're cool. Write away.
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